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1978 Rawlings All Star Game BaseballsRawlings started to make All-Star baseballs in 1979 that features The All-Star logo. Before 1979 Official Major League baseballs were used. National league baseballs were used when the game was played in a National League Park, and American League baseballs in American League parks. Rawlings first started to make World Series baseballs in 1978 that features The World Series logo.
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2010-05-14 23:24:10
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Q: What company made the baseballs for the 1978 all-star game?
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No it's not but they do have Allstar game

How many baseballs are used?

The actual number of baseballs used during a game varies. However, the average is about 46 baseballs per baseball game.

What brand of baseballs are used in a MLB game?

Rawlings baseballs are the official baseballs used in the major leagues. BPL

What to days are pro sports not played?

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What is the first manufactured stamped World Series and all-star baseballs?

Official Rawlings World Series and All-Star BaseballsRawlings started making the official World Series game baseballs in 1978 that have an Official World Series logo printed on the ball. Before 1978 official regular season American baseballs were used when playing in the AL ballpark, and Official National League baseballs were used while playing in the NL ballpark. Rawlings started to make All-Star baseballs in 1979 that featured the All-Star logo.

Are baseballs reused during the game?

Baseballs are not reused once it has been removed from the game. These balls get recycled into batting practice balls.

What do they do with the baseballs that hit the dirt?

Throw them out of the game.

How are baseballs prepared for game?

To get baseballs ready for a major league game, they are rubbed with special dirt. This dirt allows the ball to be gripped better.

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