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No, that would be perfectly legal. Hitting the ball before it bounces is called a volley.

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2007-11-05 03:41:49
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Q: Does the ball have to bounce before being hit?
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In racquetball does the ball have to bounce on a serve before it is returned?

no, just hit the ball.

Can the ball bounce before the serve in tennis?

no, a serve must be hit from out of the air

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bonces before it is swung at and hit?

There is no difference from one that does not bounce.

The name of a sort of sport where you would hit the ball so it would bounce once and only once and hit the wall. Then another person would have to hit it before it is bounce twice after hitting the WA?

You can't let it rebounced twice before you hit it, but you can let it bounce once or not bounce at all,

Who wins the point if on return the ball bounces on both sides before being hit for example I return the ball and it bounces on the opposing side then my side and then goes out of bounds...?

It's your point. Your opponent must hit the ball, before it bounces back on your side, and make it bounce on your side.

In tennis can you volly a serve?

No you can not. You must let the ball bounce before you hit it. Don't let it bounce more than once! ;D

What happans if you bounce the ball then hit it then bounce it again in netball?

you can bounce the ball to another player as one motion but you cannot bounce the ball youself, so you would be pulled up by umpire and ball given to oposing team.

Does the bounce of the ball effect the distance it can be hit?

Yes the bounce of the ball affects the distance it can cover. As the ball bounces, the gravitational force acts on it such that it slows the movement of the ball. High bounce= low trajectory and low bounce=high trajectory.

How is a tennis game scored?

you score it on how you hit the ball. if you hit the ball out of bounce, you dont get a point, but your opponite does.

Is there math in volleyball?

physics, and geometry. the way the ball spins when you hit it. how much bounce the ball gets. that kind of stuff. physics, and geometry. the way the ball spins when you hit it. how much bounce the ball gets. that kind of stuff.

Why does a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball?

because a tennis ball is not used for bouncing. it's used just to hit so there for it has no reason to bounce. And also it's material is different and it does not bounce off air being inside of it. ( ha smart ain't i )

What makes a golf ball bounce?

AnswerIt has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce. Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest.

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