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Yes, and it's out-of-bounds.

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Q: Does the ball become dead when it bounces off of the top of the backboard?
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When the ball bounces off the backboard or rim?

dead ball

Does the basketball become dead when it is on the top of the backboard?

Yes. When the ball remains out of play the clock is stopped.

On a foul ball a fan touches the ball then bounces into the players glove is he out?

dead ball.. no out.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits a batter Is it a dead ball or live ball?

live ball

Is it out if basketball goes over the top and behind the backboard but otherwise stays in bounds?

If the basketball touches the side of, or goes over, the backboard, then the ball is called out of bounds and the play is called dead.

What happens if a pitched ball bounces and the batter hits it?

It is considered a legally batted ball subject to being a fair or foul ball. Also, if a pitched ball bounces in the dirt and strikes the batter, the ball is dead and the batter receives first base as he was legally hit by a pitched ball.

Is the batter out if the ball bounces off another player and it is caught before hitting the ground?

Depends. If the ball bounces of a defensive player, and is caught, the batter is out. If it hits a runner, the ball is dead and the runner is out but the hitter is awarded first base.

Is it always a technical foul if a frustrated player bounces the ball 20 feet in the air during a dead ball situation?


Pitchers pitches the ball is pitched bounces off catcher and gets stuck in the umpires equipment do runners advance?

no dead ball

Which bounces higher a new tennis ball or an old tennis ball?

A new tennis ball will bounce higher. Old tennis balls are considered "dead."

The Pitcher throws towards home plate. the ball bounces in the dirt before home plate and it hits the batter is it a dead ball or hit batter?

It is a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base and is ruled a hit by pitch

If the ball hit the dirt first an then hit you do you take a base?

Yes, you are awarded first base. When a pitched ball hits the ground before reaching home plate it does not become a dead ball. You can swing and miss and it is a strike. You can swing and hit the ball and it is a live ball. If the ball bounces and then comes up over the plate it can NOT be a called strike.

If a field goal is kicked and the ball bounces off the upright and back into the field of play is it a live or dead ball?

It's dead. The goal posts are out of bounds, so if a ball touches them it becomes dead. (Although if a ball hits an upright or the crossbar but still goes through, the kick is still good.)

Is it true that a dead battery bounces?


What happens in American football when the ball bounces off the goal post?

The play is dead and the other team gets the ball. -------------------- Not necessarily, no. First of all, if the ball bounces off the uprights or the crossbar but still goes through, then the field goal is good. If the ball bounces off the uprights and is no good, then the rules are the same as for a missed field goal. If the ball is in the field of play, the defensive team can attempt to return it, with the understanding that once the defense touches the loose ball, it is live and can be recovered by either team. If the ball rolls dead in the field of play and neither team makes an effort to recover it, then the play is over (same as if the ball went out of play) and the other team gets the ball. In high school, they would get the ball at the spot where the ball is dead. (If it rolls dead in the end zone, it is a touchback). In college, they get the ball at the previous line of scrimmage or the 20-yard line. In the NFL, they get the ball at the spot where it was kicked or at the 20.

Can a batter hit a ball that bounces in front of the plate?

no, it would be a "dead ball" and play will end. The above answer it 100% wrong. The ball remains live, the batter may hit it or if it hits the batter, he gets first base.

Is home plat in fair or foul territory?

Home plate is foul territory unless the ball rolls in front of the plate and stays fair. If the ball bounces off the plate and strikes the batter; it's a dead ball.

If a batter hit the ball and bounces off the home plate and the catcher catches it without touching the ground is it an out?

No, as soon as the batter is hit by the ball, the play is considered dead and the batter gets his base.

Can you run back football that bounces off goalpost?

dead ball, goal posts are considered same as out of bounds, unless ball goes through. in that case, it is a field goal, 3- points.

Cricket What if a bowler had gave a no ball and with it dead ball will it be a no ball or a dead ball?

dead ball.

If a ball bounces before it crosses the plate and hits a batter is that a walk?

No it is a hits batsmen. The batter gets first base and the ball is ruled dead. Everyone who is forced moves up one base.

In slow pitch softball can you hit a pitch that bounces on the plate first?

Back about 8 yrs ago when I was an ASA umpire, the ruling was that the ball was dead if it hit the plate.

When does a dead ball become in play in baseball?

A dead ball becomes in play when the pitcher, in possession of the ball, steps on the pitching rubber and is ready to pitch and the umpire declares "Play." See Rule 5.

With a runner on third batter swings and misses on the third strike and the ball hits the batter the runner on third crosses homeplate when the ball bounces away from the catcher Does the run score?

Batter is out, the ball is dead when it hits the batter. Runner at third returns to third.

What is a channel in bowling terms?

The channel or gutter are the trought areas to the right and left of the lane itself. The channel is out-of bounds. Once a ball falls in the channel it is a dead ball. If it bounces out and knocks down a pin, that pin must be reset.