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No, the 800 is a middle distance event and only sprinting events use starting blocks.

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Q: Does the 800 m event use starting blocks?
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Do you need to use a starting block for the mile event?

No. You don't want a starting block. Starting blocks are for the use of short (running/sprinting) events such as the 70m and 100m. The reason why we use starting blocks is to push off of something to get a fast start. Thus, you don't need/want one for the mile event as you should not be running as fast as you can all the way.

What is the use of swimming starting blocks?

to improve your time and give everyone an equal start

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Blocks on the 400m dash?

It all depends on what the person running the dash prefers. I personally don't know how to use a block, so I just run it without it. Blocks are highly recommended when running a 400m. Remember: it's a sprint. You don't see 100m dashers starting without blocks, so there's nothing different about starting blocks for the 400. If you don't know how to use blocks, you should really get some extra help from a coach or someone on the team who has experience. Using blocks will almost always cut down your time in any race.

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Standing start in track and field?

Generally used for starting the races of longer distance (800m and up) as opposed to starting with blocks, which is what most sprinters use to get off the ground and get out fast

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