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Q: Does ronaldinho steel play soccer and when will he stop playing?
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What 2011 soccer team does ronaldinho play for?

It is flamango

Where does ronaldinho play club soccer?

Ronaldinho plays for AC Milan as the no. 80 since 2008.

Is Ronaldinho playing for Barcelona?

No, Ronaldinho does not play for FC Barcelona, he plays for AC Milan

Does ronaldinho still play soccer?

yes in brazil clube athlitico minero

Does ronaldinho still play soccer in 2011?

Yes, he's gone "home" to Flamengo (Brazil).

Ronaldinho where is he from?

ronaldinho is from brasil even if he doesent play for brasil no more now that he retired but he still plays for flamengo football club ronaldinho was like if he had magic in his feet he was one of the best soccer players in history

Who is the the best soccer player in world in 2011?

Lionel MessiCristiano RonaldoThose are the two best soccer players in the world because Ronaldinho does not play anymore.

Why did Ronaldinho FenΓ΄meno stop playing soccer?

Besides reaching an age considered too advanced to continue professional play (mid-30s), he had a medical condition which didn't allow him to lose weight.

Did ronaldinho play in the 2010 world cup and if so what team?

Ronaldinho is not playing in 2010 fifa world cup. He was not selected in the Brazilian Squad for the world cup.

How do you use soccer in a sentence?

I play soccer I played soccer Soccer is a game I enjoy watching/playing

How did Ronaldinho learn to play soccer?

Ronoldhino, or as it means little Ronaldo to distinguish him from Ronaldo Lima learnt his football on the strets of Brazil.

Will ronaldinho play for qpr?


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