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Yes. The lifestyle of a Basketball player is healthy; therefore, increases overall growth in the individual.

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No it does not

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Q: Does playing basketball make you taller?
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Do basketball players get taller when they play basketball?

No, playing basketball will not make someone taller. Basketball can help you run faster and remain active.

What is the best way to get taller I'm fiveteen and I'm a girl?

i think playing lots of sport's, like mostly basketball i guess my big brother use to be short and he started playing basketball and he got taller

Can i grow my height by playing basketball?

Though it might seem like playing basketball helps you grow taller since most basketball players are tall, that is not the case. Playing basketball does not affect your height any more then any other sport activity.

I am 5'9 in tall and 19 years old How could I get taller Does playing basketball help a bit?

Why would you want to get 19 and im 5 "10"

Does a person becomes taller if he plays basketball?

A person will have a few various growing stages during his lifetime (mostly during childhood). He will grow regardless of playing basketball.

Are most basketball players short?

no most basketball players in the pros are 6ft and taller 82% are 6ft and taller the other half are 5"4 and taller

How many basketball players have a career playing basketball?

I would say a lot because you can make a lot of money playing basketball as a career.

Are guards taller than forwards in basketball?


What sport makes you grow taller?

just exercise a lot by doing so,it can make you not only be taller but prettier or healthier or skinnier you can play the basketball go swimming or just jump

Does basketball let you grow?

What kind of question is this ofcourse not it may get you in shape with all the running but it does not make you drown taller in anyway

How did Kobe Bryant family make a living?

playing basketball

Do you lose weight and get taller by playing football?

The workout, practice and game schedule might well induce one to lose weight, but like all exercise any weight loss program also involves controlling one's intake. As to getting taller, the answer is absolutely not. You have the causation exactly backwards. Taller people have an advantage and therefore do better in the game (all else being equal), which means that players tend to be taller. The game doesn't MAKE them taller any more than basketball does.