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Q: Does nokona make a pro ash bloodline bat?
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What bat size does Alex Rodriguez use?

nokona bloodline

What bat does david ortiz use?

A Rawlings bat Pappi uses a Nokona Bloodline as well

What is faster to make a baseball or a baseball bat?

Probably a baseball bat because the only material is a chunk of wood. (usually ash or maple)

What has more pop to it a mple bat or an ash bat?


What bat size does prince fielder use?

C271 Ash Bat. 33.5" and 34oz. This is the bat i wanted to get =).

Which wood is better to make a baseball bat maple or ash?

Ash is a better performing wood. Maple needs to have more water density removed to make it light enough (2 - 2.5oz drop) for game use. Maple. It holds up far better then ash, although ash is lighter. Its your choice.

How do you make a bat?

You make a bat by turning it on a wood lathe. A squared piece of wood that is just a few inches longer than the finished length of the bat, is mounted onto a lathe and the woodturner works the piece of lumber (usually ash) with woodturning chisels, gouges, etc.

What is a wood bat made of?

White ash usually

What is the hardest wood baseball bat?

I have had many wood bats but out of all of them either the maple or bamboo was the hardest. As long as you hit the ball on the barrel of the bat you should be just fine with any kind

What is a wood baseball bat made of?

depends on the bat. some popular woods are maple, ash, and bamboo... personally i like maple better. but i have only used maple and ash bats.

What is the lightest type of wood baseball bat?

The lightest type of wooden bat i have used has been Ash, it is very durable, light and has a good pop to it.

How do you make a bat on alxemy game?

How do you make a bat on Alxemy game