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Yes there is an association mode in nba2k11. Have fun :)

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โˆ™ 2011-05-07 04:43:52
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Q: Does nba2k11 have association mode
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Can you draft players on nba2k11?

Yes you can in association, you can get drafted in myplayer mode as well.

Can you play as Jordan in the association mode in NBA2K11?

No you can not you can only play as Jordan when you finish the Jordan challenge and unlock the mode or use a cheat to unlock the mode.

Why does NBA2k11 don't work?

Maybe your disc is scratched, where about doesn't it work?, my player mode, menus association?

How can you turn off salary cap in nba2k11 in association mode?

I don't think you can but maybe if you cheat or hack the game maybe you can turn it off.

How do you unlock mj in nba2k11?

You do not unlock him. You unlock the mode to play as him in a team as a rookie, it's called mj creating a legend. You can't as him in the association or an exhibition match.

How do you meet barack obama in nba2k11?

Well if you win the playoffs in association mode you meet him with the team that won. You visit the whitehouse. There is video on youtube if you want to watch it.

Does NBA2K11 have a dunk contest?

Yes it does but im not quite sure if it's in the association or my player mode yet but there isi a dunk contest, you can find it in the main menu.

How do you get to make your own shoe on nba2k11?

You have to become very successful in my player mode.

How do you get 70 overall rating in nba2k11?

Increase your skills, skillpoint rating (Myplayer mode)

Can you create Reggie Miller on nba2k11?

Yes you can just create him in my player mode, It's only for ps3, xbox360 and i think psp has a myplayer mode.

Will there be your player on NBA2k11?

Yes it is called 'my player mode'. You can only get it on xbox 360, ps3 and i think there is one for psp.

How do you view highlights after games in my player mode in nba2k11 on xbox 360?

There should be an option after the game is complete. I think its called g-highlights etc.

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