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in the USA yes, in Australia no, in australia it will be labelled on the bats if you are allowed to use that particular bat in middle school.

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Q: Does middle school baseball have to use bbcor bats?
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Can you use a baseball bat you created in high school baseball?

No, BBCOR bats are required for high school baseball. BBCOR stands for "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution."

Is rip- it baseball bats a good bbcor bat?

Most bbcor bats are pretty much standardized, however, my school and others in our conference are going with the Akadema Apocalypse.

What does BBCOR in baseball bats stand for?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution

Are BPF and BBCOR the same in baseball bats?

No. BBCOR is a certification for a baseball bat to be used on the 90-foot base field. I don't even know what BPF is.

Are BESR baseball bats legal in high school in 2012?

Yes, onlyBBCOR certified bats will be used in the 2012 baseball season In high school. However, the BBCOR bats are terrible. I prefer you save your money and buy a wood bat.

Which composite baseball bats will not be allowed in 2012 season?

everythng that isnt bbcor

Are there yew baseball bats?

Yew: Not sure what that is but i googled it with no luck New: Yes there are 2012 BBCOR bats out now.

Can you use double barrel bats in middle school baseball?

You can use Big barrel bats in middle school ball.

Can you use composite bats in high school baseball?

Yes you can use them until the spring season of 2012, then you must use BBCOR certified bats. (Right now they are BESR certified)

What brand of baseball bat is used by the Miami Hurricanes?

Miami Hurricanes are using Nike BBCOR bats.

Do wood bats need to be bbcor certified?


Are -10 baseball bats legal for middle school use?

Yes, certain bats are. If they are metal, they must be BBCOR certified. If they aren't, then it's illegal. However, any size of wooden bat is legal for play *as a side-note, I have been umpiring for 3 years, so I know what I'm talking about

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