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No, the worst thing that'll happen is it will stunt your growth.

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Q: Does lifting weights make you shorter?
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What can make you stronger?

Lifting up weights.

Can lifting weights make you punch harder?


What following constitutes a good anaerobic workout?

Lifting weights

Can lifting weights be an exercise?

Lifting weights is an exercise

Can lifting weights make you taller?

NO, lifting weight won't stunt ur growth

What exercises make you shorter?

Weight Lifting

Do lifting weights make you stronger?

yes after week or so.

Does weightlifting make you shorter?

No. Weight lifting does not make you shorter. It is one of the greatest myths that circulate around the world.

Does lifting weights at a young age make you shorter?

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights while you are still growing does not stunt growth. It was believed that breaking a bone could damage the ends of the bones that are still growing, but this is not the case. Strength training has only benefits, if done correctly, whether you are young or old.

Will lifting weights before you are 16 make you short?

I have never herd of that, im 16 and i have been lifting weights for 2 yrs and it hasn't made me short I have never herd of that, im 16 and i have been lifting weights for 2 yrs and it hasn't made me short

Why is stretching different from lifting weights?

Because lifting weights requires actual weights it puts resistance on the muscles to make them stronger bigger and more durable unlike stretching, these two are completely different from each other.

Does lifting weights make you skinny?

No it makes you have more muscels tending to make you weigh more.

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