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Q: Does jogging and brisk walking help you lose inches form your thighs and calves?
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How can you get rid of fat in the thighs?

Walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming

What are good exercises for the thighs?

Walking Jogging Stretching **** 100% works! Climbing Stairs

How do you get slim thighs by walking?

Walking at a normal pace doesn't focus primarily on your thighs. The best way to tone your thighs... Lunges and Squats. Jogging or walking will improve the overall tone and shape of your legs but won't help to shed weight or improve muscle to the extent that other sports will. The ultimate body shaping sport(for women) is Aerobics, so try a Step Class or a TTT (Tummy Tail and Thighs) class. Hope this helps.

Does pointe cause your thighs and calves to thicken?

Not thicken, but you will get lovely long muscles on your thighs and calves. THis gives you a toned look, not a fat one if that is what you mean.

How do squats help you lose weight on your thighs?

It doesn't. It tones your thighs, calves and butt and builds muscle and strength.

What is the game where you move the person's thighs and calves to make him run?


What would cause striae on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves?

Having stretchmark's, or striae, on the thighs that are much larger than the arms or calves is most likely caused by excessive exercise.

Which muscles are used for walking?

The muscles you tone while walking are: * Quadriceps - Front thighs * Hamstrings - rear thighs * Glutes - Butt * Calfs and also * Shoulders (If you are someone who swings his hand while walking) * Abdominals - If you walk pretty briskly

How do you gain muscle on your legs fast?

Exercises.Calf raises for the calves and squats for the thighs and gluts.

What is the popping sensation in thighs after walking?

A popping sensation in your thighs when walking could be your muscles stretching. Some leg exercises should help relieve this pain.

What does qwop mean?

I believe it is a game. You run 100 meters with 'thighs&calves'. Google the game.

What is the size of maurice jones-drew thighs?

Measurements estimate them to be between 32 and 34 inches inches.