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Q: Does gymnastics make children growth shorter?
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Does gymnastics make you shorter if your tall?


What does gymnastics do to people?

Gymnastics can make you very fit and flexible. A lot of people say it can stunt your growth especially in height because of the disks in your back. When you tumble (flip) it squishes them down which makes you shorter.

What can make you shorter?

Genetics can make you shorter, for one. If your family is on the shorter side, you will likely be as well. Poor nutrition can stunt growth, too.

How many cups of coffee to make you shorter?

Coffee will not stunt your growth past early childhood, and will NEVER make you shorter.

Does smoking cigarettes make you shorter?

It stops your growth a bit but doesn't make yourself shorter though. It could be something completely different.It can only make you shorter if you started at the age of 4-5 which is not possible. so it cant make you shorter.

Does lifting weights make you shorter?

No, the worst thing that'll happen is it will stunt your growth.

If you drink green tea will that make you shorter?

no, genetics determine your growth not food or excersise

How do you make money in gymnastics?

you make money if you teach gymnastics.

Does gymnastics make you shorter?

i have been doing gymnastics for 12 years. i am 13 years old. but right now i am the shortest person in my class. this is because of gymnastics. the main reason gymnastics makes you short is because you are always pounding of you bones and muscles. on floor you do a lot of tumbleing, of vault you run a lot. all of these contribute to making you shorter. the other thing is all of the work that you do like conditioning because you have to work out so much. this is seen as very bad by doctors because you are delaying your growth. but good my gymnast because shorter equels faster, smaller, and lighter Yes, like basketball makes you taller. Joke. I am a 14-year-old compulsory gymnast (I started late) and I am medium-short compared to my peers at school. I'm 5' 2". In gymnastics, I am the tallest on my team, although most are younger. I have stunted growth patterns due to eating problems and may never reach my expected adult height. Like anything you do for long periods of time from a young age, gymnastics does affect your body. Also, tall girls may have difficulties and quit.

Can you make your own gymnastics mat?

You really cant make a gymnastics mat because it isn't safe. make sure you have high quality equipment. or you can go to a gymnastics acedemy to work

Does Lipton tea make you shorter?

Lipton tea does not make you shorter. It is the caffeine in the tea leaf when imbibed more than three times a day that may have an adverse effect on your growth. Coupled with your genetic intake this can but not necessarily affect your height.

Can eating make you shorter?

No eating a lot cannot make you shorter but it can make you fat.

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