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Yes it can.

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โˆ™ 2012-03-20 21:50:25
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Q: Does gymnastics affect the growth of a person?
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Does gymnastics stunt your growth or is it the diet of gymnast?

Gymnastic does affect your growth because by doing gymnastics your height stops growing.

Does gymnastics affect growth rate?

No! It's just that small people are most successful at gymnastics! Well, that's as far as I know, at least

Does a person's environment affect breast growth?

No, a person's environment does not affect breast growth, although nutrition will have some effect on the size of breasts.

Does gymnastics stunts your growth?


Does gymnastics affect your growth?

not sure about growth, but all the gymnasts i know (myself included) suffer with back pain and back related problems in later life

Why is gymnastics good for your body?

gymnastics helps to stretch out the musles and get them in shape and keep the person in shape. but it also shrinks the amount of groth in the body. It doesnt stunt your growth.

Does gymnastics make children growth shorter?


How does gymnastics stunt your growth?

scientist have discovered that gymnastics pushes hard on you growth plates causing you to grow slower. so yes it slows down your growth and stunts it a little! {:-)

Is sex affect the growth when watching it at 15 years old?

I wouldn't say watching porn would affect physical growth, but mental growth. Mentally at the age of 15 a person is still learning about who they are sexually and what type of person they want to grow up to be. The constant viewing of sex will affect this mental growth and could affect future relationships.

What are the exercises that stop your growth?

Gymnastics stops your growth and a females period and so does cheerleading

Can you get taller from stopping gymnastics?

No. The fact that gymnastics stunts your growth is a myth. It's all genetics and puberty.

Name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics?

name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics

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