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Q: Does going to the gym and lifting weights stop height growth?
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Can lifting weights be bad for a 14 year old boy going through puberty?

No. Lifting weights is an excellent exercise and unless done to excess will not be harmful.

Does going to gym stop growth of height?

No, it shouldn't.

How do you buildup muscles in your arms?

Lifting weights or going rock climbing are the esiest ways to build up muscles in your arm.

What can thirteen year old boys do instead of lifting weights?

Anything you want to do..but if you mean for exercise then you could always do sports. You can run or swim or ride a bike. Lifting weights is about the only way you are going to get bigger though (i mean muscle mass, not skeletal size)

How much calories are burned in a 30 minute exercise?

This depends on what type of exercise your doing. Running is going to be higher than lifting weights. To find out there are converters online to help out.

Does a job lifting heavy objects make you lose height?

No. It won't. Bones in your body are not going to compress under weight. But it is a known fact that you lose height during the day as the spine compresses. But, that height is regained in the night during sleep. A job lifting heavy objects will have other serious problems like back issues. So, losing height should be the least of your concern.

Im trying to gain weight so you are eating a lot but it is all just going to your stumach im starting to look pregnant you still want to gain weight but in your hole body what should you do?

If you're lifting along with eating you are either eating too much, or not lifting enough. Or, if you aren't lifting weights, you should be.

Why are mountain roads generally made winding upwards rather than going straight up?

Heavy weights are lifted easily along a sloping surface than lifting them vertically.

What are quick and easy workouts to get abs fast?

Doing Push-ups , Situps, Lifting Weights, Eating healthy, going to the gym on a regular basis, and if you want get a work-out trainer ! I hope this helps -Amanda

What will be your maximum height if you are 15 and you are 1m 76 cm?

If by maximum height you mean the height you will achieve after your puberty growth then there is no answer. There is no way to tell what your maximum height will be with all the advancements of modern technology. Its not going to happen just having your age and current height to go by.

Difference between growth and development - phychology?

The answer is Growth is something you get up to like your height and your wight and Development is something like your going to develop. Like for instance, ur height and weight could change because you might be more active then you used to be.

What is the height of 17 year boy?

you can have many heights of any age because of the late growth spirt or it is still going to happen

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