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No, tennis players have to qualify themselves to play the Australian Open.

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Q: Does every player in tennis play in the Australian Open?
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Who was the first player to be expelled from the Australian Open Tennis?

John McEnroe

Irish tennis player to win match Australian Open?

Luke Sorrenson

Which us pro tennis player was the the first to be disqualified from the Australian Open?

John McEnroe

How much did djokovic tennis player earn his latest wins?

He won 26 million Australian Dollars at the Australian Open.

What international sporting event occurs in Melbourne in January every year?

Australian Open - Tennis

Who was the youngest female tennis player to play in the Australian Open?

Pauline Spencer-Parsons in 1927 ?

What is the date of the mean's final of Australian Open tennis 1975?

The men's final of the Australian Open tennis in 1975 was on the 13th of January.

What tennis tournament pays the most to win?

Australian Open.

Who is the first Indian Tennis player to win boys Australian Open Junior Title?

Yuki Bhambri

What are the 4 tennis open championships?

Australian French US (The Championships) Wimbledon

What is the date of 2009 Australian Tennis Open?

The Australian Tennis Open runs from January 19, to February 1, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

What tournaments must a tennis player win to win all grand slam titles?

The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.