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Q: Irish tennis player to win match Australian Open?
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Who recently became the first Irish tennis player to win a grand slam match?

Louk Sorensen

'What were some major Australian sporting events in the 1960's'?

the Australian match final

How many tennis balls do they use for the Australian Open?

For every tennis match there maybe 60 balls needed

What tennis champion had to retire from her third round match at the Australian Open?

Williams reteves

What does the second place winner of the Australian Open tennis match get paid?

1.15 million dollars

Who won the 2011 Australian Open Women's Singles title?

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters won the 2011 Australian Open Women's Singles title. She defeated Chinese tennis player Li Na in the final match. Final Score: 3-6, 6-3, 6-3

Has a male player ever played against a female player in a Singles match of Tennis?

Not in a match match but I guess just for a fun game.

How many racquets can a player use in a tennis match?

A player can use only 1 racquet while playing tennis!!!

Who is the tennis player who has hit the most winners in 1 match?


How many sets in the Australian tennis open?

Best of five for mens and three sets for women. In the third and fifth sets a player has to win by two games to win the match that's why a match at Wimbledon went to 64-62.

Is it called a tennis match or tennis meet?

It's a tennis match, and a track meet.

Who was the youngest female tennis player to win a Grand Slam match?

Martina Hingis advanced to the second round of the Australian Open in 1995 at the age of 14 years and 2 weeks.

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