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Yes the NBA Draft is like the NFL Draft.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-04 04:29:06
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Q: Does basketball have drafts like football?
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Football or basketball?

Depends on whether you like football or basketball. I personally like basketball but I still like to play football.

Does basketball have drafts?

yes it does, just like football or hockey, there is a draft lottery that decides which team gets first pick and so on... then college players are drafted to the NBA

Was Jackie Robinson an all American in football and basketball while he was at UCLA?

No.Jackie Robinson never did like football or basketball at UCLA.

Why is basketball exciting?

If your a football fan and you like football well its like that we enjoy watching how to players play and how they do it.

Does basketball have corner like in soccer or association football?


What sport does Lil Wayne like?

basketball or football

What does basketball and football have in common?

what things do basketball and football have in common

Do girls prefer basketball or football?

personally i prefer basketball. i like the atmosphere of the game better, in football there is too much stopping and starting again, i feel like basketball is more exciting. i also have noticed that im usually attracted to guys who play basketball over guys who play other sports. however, i know a lot of girls who like football so it really depends on the girl.

What is flicker ball?

A game. It is like a combination of football and basketball. You use a football, and try to score in the hoop.

Is football or basketball more physical?

it depends what type of foot ball if its flag football then basketball if not football

Which is heavier a football or basketball?


Compare and contrast football player and a basketball player?

basketball is better then football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hockey baseball basketball football which is the oldest?

Baseball is then Basketball then hockey and then football.

Is a football a bad basketball?

This question can go 2 ways: 1) Is a football the outcome of a badly made basketball so they gave it a different name and used it for a sport? A: Maybe but I doubt it. The makers may have been smarter than that. Surely they made the football like it is on purpose. 2) Can my football be used as a basketball because I don't have a basketball and I really want to play basketball right now!? Q: NO! The football would be a horrible basketball!

What sport does obama like to play?

he enjoys playing basketball and football

What is rcreation?

Recreatin is another word for dports like football and basketball.

What sports does Tom Hanks like?

He did a little basketball, football, and soccer.

What does dominated the passing mean in basketball?

It means that it was intercepted like in football.

Are fantasy football drafts on weekends?

If the commissioner schedules them on weekends, then yes

What are the biggest differences between basketball and football?

football has a goal basketball has a net football you use your feet basketball you use your hands football you use a football basketball you use a basketball football you use a pitch basketball you use a court there is loads

Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Good things to tell a guy that you like?

sports. like football, baseball, basketball. etc.

What is holding in basketball?

holding in basketball is like the same thing in football holding by the shirt or shoes its not illegal but it will be a tech foul

Why is basketball more popular than football?

Basketball is no were near as popular as football what are you talking about?!!!

What is the most popular sport in epypt?

football/basketball like Kobe Bryant we throw the football like lebron James and swish three's like ladanian tomlinson.

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