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Q: Does basketball have corner like in soccer or association football?
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Why does America call soccer soccer?

Soccer comes from Association Football, if they just called it football then it would get mixed up with American football. Association Football is abbreviated assoc which then changed to soccer. I call it football

What year did soccer begin?

"Soccer" is an abbreviation of Association Football, a form of football originally codified by the Football Association when it was formed in 1863..

Was basketball invented before football?

Whether you are referring to American Football or Association Football, the answer is no. Dr. James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in 1891, the sport of American Football was introduced 2 years earlier in 1889, and Association Football (or soccer) came about approximately half a century before that.

Who establish soccer?

Soccer is said to have its origins in Rural England. Officially, Association Football, or Soccer, was established in 1872 by the English Football Association.

Where was football soccer invented at?

Association Football (aka Soccer) was invented in England.

Which is better soccer or basketball?

Football - aka soccer

Is football older than basketball?

Football (soccer).

What is FIFA soccer?

is a series of association football games Federation International Football Association FIFA is the international football association

What is the origin of the word soccer?

It's from the word 'association' as in 'football association.'It originated in England with Association Football.

When was soccer introduced?

The rules of association football were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863.

How do you spell soccer the England version?

In England, soccer is called football (association football).

Who invented soccer and basketball?

soccer is the US term for originated in England

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