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Q: Does any other sport in the US generate more injuries than football?
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What is sport injuries in a football game?

sport injuries in a football game may incluide broken legs/arms, and injuries like that :)

What sport has the most injuries football or baseball?


Which sport has the most injuries per year hockey or football?


Which sport prevent less injuries?

Not Football Answered by TW

What sport causes the most head injuries?

That would obviously be Football (:

What is the sport with the most injuries?

Probably football or lacrosse. That's what I would think.

What sport causes the most injuries?

Football Cheerleading Basketball Motorbike riding

What is the sport that has the most injuries?

Football players suffer more injuries than other athletes. They have 12 times as many injuries that basketball players, who have the next highest rate of injuries. Knee problems are the most common type of injury, with two-thirds with basketball players' injuries and one-third of football players' injuries being knee-related.

Physical injuries related to football?

Well, like every other sport, football causes injuries. People break arms legs ankles , you name it. I've been playing for 6 years and have never been injured ( other than coming close to a cuncussion). Concussions are probably the most commen injuries... If your scared to play football due to injuries... Don't be... Because they're very rare!!!!!

Why football is a bad sport?

some people may say football is a good sport but others may not because of bad injuries just because they dont like it.

What sport has the highest injury rate?

American football has the most injuries next to basket ball

What are potential hazards in sport?

broken bones and other injuries.

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