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If the kicking team wants to recover their own onside kick and be awarded possession, then yes, the ball must travel ten yards before it is touched by a player from the kicking team, UNLESS the ball is first touched by a member of the receiving team. The receiving team can touch and/or recover the ball at any time.

The ball ALSO has to touch the ground in addition to going 10 yards. Both those conditions must be met for the kicking team to recover the kick and maintain possession. The other way to do it is for the receiving team to touch the ball first.

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Q: Does an onside kick have to go beyond ten yards?
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What is the difference between an onsides kick and a punt?

an onside kick you try to kick it about ten yards and recover it, a punt you try to get it as far down field as you can. Also onside kicks have a tee, and punts you toss in the air and kick it

If an onside kick goes ten yards can the kicking team gain possession without it touching the receiving team?


What is a onside kick in NFL?

An onside kick in the NFL is the same in any other level of football. The onside kick is a strategy. After a team has scored a touchdown, that team must kick the ball to the opposing team. The kicking team may kick the ball as far as they want but if it goes out of bounds it is a pentalty. The ball must also pass ten yards before the kicking team can touch the ball and take possession of it. The goal of the onside kick is to recover the ball after the ball has crossed ten yards from where the ball was kicked, and set your offense up to score again. The onside kick is usually used when a team is losing and needs to score in a little amount of time. But, that is a tough thing to do because the opposing team has a better chance of recovering the ball than the kicking team.

Can you onside punt on a safety?

There is no such thing as an onside punt because if you punt it, the other team has to touch the ball before you can recover it. There is such thing as an onside kick on a kickoff when the ball can go ten yards then any team can recover it. Or on an onside kickoff if it hits the receiving team, anyone can recover it

What is an onside punt?

An onside punt is a punt after a safety. After a safety the ball turns over to the defensive team. The team on offense punting the ball away can punt onside by punting ten yards. The ball is live, just like an onside kick, and can be recovered by the punting team.The Miami Dolphins used this in the 1980's to beat Cincinnati.

Can an onside kick be caught out of the air by the kicking team?

A player on the kicking team is allowed to catch the ball out of the air as long as the ball has gone at least ten yards.

What is the difference when you kick off the football and recover it on an onside kick just after 10 yards or if you wait for 20 or 40 yards to get it?

10 yards is the shortest kick you can make to be considered kicking to the opposing team. Once kicked ten yards one of your own players can recover the kick. If you kicked it 20 or 30 yards you could still recover the ball but the chances of your team mates beating the opposing team to the ball would diminish greatly. A 30 yard kick would petty much kick the ball into the arms of the opposing teams front line.

How many yards does the ball have to travel on an onside kick before the receiving team can recover it?

The ball must travel at least ten yards and it must touch the ground . The order of these occurances does not matter. These restrictions are not in effect if the receivers touch the ball first. If the ball is touched by the receivers first either team may recover the ball but only the receivers may advance the kick.

What is the maximum yardage for an onside kick At what point can the kicking team no longer take possession of a kicked ball but only down the ball?

The rules for an onside kick are no different than for any other type of kickoff. On a kickoff, the kicking team can always take possession of the ball as long as it has traveled ten yards. You might be confusing kickoffs with punts. On a punt, the kicking team can only down the ball unless the receiving team touches it first.

At the taking of a corner kick the oppents are required to be ten yards from what?


Can the receiving team catch the onsides kick legally before ten yards?

Yes it can, but the ball becomes free (live) at that spot instead of the ten yards.

Measure Field goal length?

Field goal length is measured from the point of the foot strike to ten yards beyond the goal line. The record is presently 64 yards.

What happens if a person doesn't gain ten yards by fourth down?

if you get to fourth down you would either kick a fieldgoal or punt. If you tried your chances and went for the ten yards on 4th down, and made it, its a first down. If you dont make it, the other team gets the ball on the spot you were tackeled.

During a free kick after a safety can the kicking team dropkick or punt the ball ten yards and then recover it?

The free kick is considered one of two types of kickoffs even though it uses a drop kick, according to the NFL rules:"Once the ball is touched by the receiving team or has gone 10 yards, it is a free ball." Conversely, there are the same penalties if it goes out of bounds so it risks a 30 yd penalty. Yes. The rules for a free kick after a safety are the same as the rules for a free kick after a touchdown or field goal. Agreed. Just two points of clarification on the original answer: 1. The free kick after a safety isn't a drop kick. A drop kick is a specific type of kick in which the ball is struck after it bounces off the ground. What you usually see after a safety is just a punt without a line of scrimmage in front of the kicker. 2. An onside kick that goes out of bounds doesn't incur the 30-yard penalty. The receiving team gets the ball at the spot where the ball went out of bounds.

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In the game of soccer What is the half circle in front of the big goal box for?

The penalty arc is used to keep all players ten yards away from the ball during a penalty kick.

How many field goals in 2012 Super Bowl?

The patriots scored the first and only field goal ten minutes into the second quarter. The kick from Gostkowski was good from 29-yards.

If a player takes a free kick and then it hits his own team mate what does the referee give?

The referee won't have to give anything as the ball is in play once the free kick is taken. If the ball hit an opposing player and he was not ten yards away then the referee can order a retake.

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