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Q: Does an air ball on a free throw void another lane violation?
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Does a free throw violation by the offense result in a free throw?

No it just results in a ball out of bounds to the team who did not commit the violation

Is it a violation to talk during a free throw?

No, not that I ever heard of. It maybe if you are talking to the free throw shooter.

Is it a violation if a free throw shooter steps on the line?


What is a 5 second violation in basketball?

Different 5 second violations (1) on a throw in, a player has 5 seconds to throw in the ball (2) closely guarded, when the player with possession of the ball in their front court is closely guarded by a defensive player in a legal defensive position, the player can hold or dribble the ball for 4 seconds.

What happens if there is a violation by opposing team and shooters team shoots a free throw and does not hit the rim?

The whistle is blown and the defending team gets to take the ball out.

Is a violation or a foul more serious?

- A foul is when the opposite teams accidently hits you, trips you, kicks you, etc but a violation is when say your shooting a free throw and you step over the free throw line when your shooting or someone else enters the key to early or your taking the ball out of bounds and they reach across the boundry line!!

Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?

No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

If a player makes a free throw but his teammate commits a lane violation is it recorded as an unsuccessful free throw attempt or is it not counted as a shot at all?


Types of basketball violations?

There are many violations of basketball. You can not move with the ball when you are not dribbling. That is called a travel. The only exception is when you take two steps for a layup. You can not dribble the ball, pick it up, and then dribble again. That is called a double dribble. If you are on offense, you can not stay in the key for longer then 3 seconds or else you will get a 3 seconds call. You have 5 seconds to throw the ball in when it is out of bounds. If you don't get the ball inbounds in time it will be a turnover. You have 10 seconds to get the ball down the court onto the opposite half to which the ball was thrown in. If you don't get it across halfcourt on time that will be a turnover. These are just a few of the many violations.

What is a lane or key violation in basketball?

A lane violation is when a player tries to get a rebound before the ball gets to touch the rim during a free throw (high school rules). A key violation or "3 in the key" is when a player (offensive player or defensive player) is under the basket (known as the "paint") for more than 3 seconds.

Can you run the baseline after a made free throw?

In American college ball and the NBA, you may run the baseline after a made shot or free throw. If the throw in is due to something other than a made shot or free throw, you may not run the baseline when attempting to throw the ball in.

What happens if you miss the hoop on a foul shot?

If there is still another foul shot to be taken then nothing happens its just a miss, but if its the last foul shot then the ball is taken out bye the opposing team.