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No. Paintball guns at a maximum of 300 feet per second. Most mid grade AEG (automatic electric guns) shoot 350-400 and some spring "sniper" rifles can travel over 500 feet per second, especially with lightweight .12 gram bb's.

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Q: Does a paintball fired from a paintball gun travel faster than a BB fired from an Airsoft gun?
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How much is 350 firepower in a airsoft gun?

It would be 350fps which means that the BBs fired from the gun travel 350 feet per second.

Can a paintball travel a mile?

fired from the paintball marker? No......the force needed to launch the ball a mile would destroy the ball in mid flight..... however if dropped from 1 mile in the sky, then yes. If you put a paintball in a car, and drive the car 1 mile, then yes again!

If a bullet is fired out of a fighter jet traveling Max speed does the bullet travel faster than if it were fired at a stand still?

No. The bullet will actually travel much slower due to wind resistance.

How do you make an airsoft gun faster and more affective?

To make it faster, use denser/lighter BB's. Say if your using .20g BB's or above, try using the lighter .12g BB to create a faster and longer fired BB. Email me at for any questions from airsoft guns, all the way up to real guns.

What is a paintball hopper?

the top of the gun where the paintballs are stored to be fired.

Do electric guns shoot paintball?

Electric guns use a battery to allow paintballs to be fired faster then their mechanical counter parts. You still need an air tank to operate them.

Does paintball skirmish hurt?

It depends on the range the paintball is fired from and the thickness of the clothing that you wear, but generally speaking YES they do hurt.

Does the Leapers 4X32 Mil-Dot Mini Rifle Scope work on a s32p shotgun?

Not a good idea. Leapers/UTG products are made for use on airsoft and paintball guns. They're not designed to withstand the shock produced by a shotgun being fired.

What is a blowback airsoft gun?

A blowback airsoft gun, is a co2 or gas powered airsoft gun where the slide on the top of the gun moves back when fired. Some people like these guns because they look cool when fired, however they use more co2 or gas.

What is a fixed slide gas airsoft gun?

One in which the slide does not move when fired.

What is faster a bullet or the plane concord?

It depends on which bullet. According to Wiki, the Concord can travel at 1330 MPH, which converts to approximately 1950 feet per second. Some bullets travel faster than that, some travel slower, especially bullets fired from handguns.

Do they use airsoft guns in stunt sceens on television like NCIS?

Yes, but only if the gun is not fired. If the gun you see on the big screen is fired, then it isn't an airsoft gun, it is a prop gun, or a cap firing gun.