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No! because a Baseball is hard and a orange is squishy

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Q: Does a Baseball and a Orange Have The Same Mass?
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How measure the mass of an orange?

What is the mass of an orange

Why do we need to dry an orange to discover how much water is in an orange?

The method probably involves weighing the orange before it is dried, then again after it is dried. (Mass normal orange)-(mass dried orange)= (mass water in orange)

Why does a softball with its greater mass not travel as far as a baseball hit with the same force?

because they both have the same mass

What units would you measure the mass of a orange in?

what is the mass of an orange

Whats the mass of an orange?

It depends on the orange.

What is the mass of an orange in kilograms?

The mass of an orange in Kilograms :- 0.1-0.2 kg An orange (100-200) grams

Does orange juice have mass?

Yes it does have mass.

If a green ball has a greater momentum that a orange ball and both balls are moving at the same velocity then?

The green ball has more mass than the orange ball. r=mv Momentum = mass x velocity.

Mass of an orange?


What is the mass of a orange?

the juce

is orange heavier then a banana?

A banana has a mass of 200 grams, and an orange has a smaller mass. But it depends what the sizes are.

What the average amount of moles in an orange?

That the average mass of an orange

Why does a baseball accelerate faster than a shot put when thrown with the same force?

Force = (mass) x (acceleration) Acceleration = (force) / (mass) With the same force applied, a smaller mass has greater acceleration. A baseball has less mass than a shot has, so the same force gives it greater acceleration.

Baseball has a mass of 140 grams and a softball has a mass of 280 grams In which of the following situations would they both have the same momentum?

Unfortunately, your list of situations got lost, so there's no way for me to choose the correct one. But clearly, since the baseball's mass is only half the softball's mass, the baseball needs double the softball's speed in order to have the same momentum.

What types of mass are there?

there is orange green blue to do

What is the average mass of an orange?

200 grams

What unit would you use to measure the mass of an orange?

Mass is measured in grams.

How much does a orange wiegh?

The average orange has a mass of about 200 g (7.05 ounces).

What is the word for the color orange in french?

same -- orange

Why does a unpeeled orange float but a peeled orange float?

considering that density is mass/volume, lets think about his for a second. The density of water is 1, so the orange's density has to be lower. In an unpeeled orange, there is an outside layer giving it more mass and more volume. When it is peeled, you are decreasing the mass and the volume to a state that it floats!

How would you measure the mass of an orange?

Put it on a scale.Put it on a balance and put weights of known mass on the other side until it is even.Put the orange in a container of known volume, add water until the container is filled subtract the amount of water added from the container and get the volume of the orange (or measure the orange and compute the volume) guess that the orange has a density of almost exactly 1 (adjust if you notice the orange floats or sinks!) and compute the mass (volume times density = mass)

All atoms have the same mass?

All atoms do not have the same mass, but atoms of the same element generally do have the same mass.

Where can you find boys orange baseball cleats?

Where can you find boys orange baseball cleats?Read more: Where_can_you_find_boys_orange_baseball_cleats

How much mass does a baseball have?

The mass of a baseball is typically 145 grams.

What is orange in Swedish?

The fruit is Apelsin. The colour is the same, Orange.