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because they both have the same mass

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Q: Why does a softball with its greater mass not travel as far as a baseball hit with the same force?
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Does a softball or a baseball travel farther when it with same force?

i would say a baseball because its smaller and lighter.... but it really depends on how strong the person is.

Is a sofball harder to hit than a baseball?

It said that a softball is harder to hit because of the force it comes in at is greater in the highest levels of softball then is baseball, also the underhand motion causes the ball to have an upward movement which is hard to master then the downward movement of a baseball.

Can a softball be used in a baseball game why or why not?

no because the softball is not as firm as a baseball so it would cause less of a force when you hit it which can make it easier to get you out and because the softball is yellow and bigger than a baseball and a baseball is white

How much force is applied when a person hits a softball or a baseball with a bat?

Ask your mom.

How does action reaction forces apply to softball?

the ball exerts a force on the bat creating action and in turn you apply a force that is greater than the action force. this is called the reaction force.

Why is the force different between the difference that are hit between a baseball and a softball?

The surface of a softball is larger so it does not go as fast as a small basseball. Though the batter and pitcher(s) determine a lot of the force. -Marina20

Why do you have to have negative acceleraton?

A negative acceleration, or deceleration, is the cause of unbalanced forces, where the force opposing the direction of travel is greater than the force along the direction of travel.

In softball what is a force?

A force is when there is an automatic out at the base if the ball is thrown there

Why does a space shuttle have to travel so fast?

Space shuttles must travel at 11km/s so that they can escape the force of gravity. the force of gravity is approximately 9.81. If you don't travel at a greater speed than the force of gravity, the rocket will not launch.

Why does a baseball accelerate faster than a shot put when thrown with the same force?

Force = (mass) x (acceleration) Acceleration = (force) / (mass) With the same force applied, a smaller mass has greater acceleration. A baseball has less mass than a shot has, so the same force gives it greater acceleration.

What is a force out in softball?

Actually, a force out in Softball is, for example: If runners are on first and second, the force out is at third because the runner is forced to run to third base due to the runners behind him/her.

Why can a batter hit a pitched baseball further than a ball tossed in the air by the batter?

A ball that is pitched has a greater velocity and a greater momentum so when the bat hits the ball and transfers energy to the ball, the greater the original momentum the more force that the ball will travel with causing it to go farther.

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