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yes he name is popo

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Q: Does Ricardo kaka the amazing soccer player have a brother?
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Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from where?

Ricardo Quaresma is a soccer player from Lisbon in Portugal. He plays as a forwards and currently he is in the Al Ahli Dubai team as well as playing international soccer for Portugal.

Was Lucas a amazing soccer player?

Yes he is amazing and he rules

Who is the best Brazilian soccer player?

Ricardo KaKaBrazilian soccer player ever is Pelebut now is robinho , ronaldinho, neymar

Who is JR Lyncheski?

An amazing soccer player with great looks

Who is Leonel Messi?

mess is a amazing soccer player that plays for fcbarcalona.

Why is leonel messi famous?

He is a famous because he is an amazing soccer player

WhoTop ten soccer highest paid soccer player in south Africa?

That one AMAZING soccer dude... (THATS ONE =])

Who is a Famous Portuguese soccer player?

Cristiano Ronaldo would be the most famous Portuguese soccer player. Some others include Deco, Quaresma, Nani, and Ricardo (goalie).

How much is Ricardo Fuller's salary?

Jamaican soccer player Ricardo Fuller makes about 2,090,000 in British pounds per year. This amount equates to $3,522,799.50 US dollars.

Who is the most famous soccer player in 2010?

Ricardo Kaka. Because in my school every body voted kaka

Is there a soccer player that name starts with Q?

There are a couple of famous soccer players whose last name starts with the letter Q. Ricardo Quaresma is a Portuguese professional soccer player that started out by playing at the Sporting Clube de Portugal. There is also Fabio Quagliarella who is an Italian soccer player. The sport of soccer in both of these countries is called footballing.

Who is Brittany donoghue?

Brittany Donoghue is the coolest chick you will ever meet. She has the nicest personality and is a great friend to everyone. Her smile is amazing and she is an amazing soccer player and saxophone player. :)

Why is javier hernandez the best soccer player?

He isn't the best soccer player, but he's an amazing player when subbed on in a late time in a game, he's a super-sub and one of the best at coming on as a substitute.

Did Pele kill his brother in soccer?

No Pele did not kill his brother in soccer.

What kind of accoplishments do you need to be a professional soccer player?

The only accomplishments you need are amazing ball skills.

What is the formation of meteoroids?

Soccer is amazing

Who is Alex Morgan?

She is a AMAZING soccer player, plays for U.S national team and Tottenham hotspurs fc. 2x WWC winner and 2x Olympic gold medalist.

Is Ryan giggs good at soccer?

Ryan giggs is amazing at soccer

What can of birthday present can you get your brother?

i can got soccer staff because my brother plays soccer

What is Lionel Messi's family life like?

His family was amazing the supported him for his dream of being a soccer player and all there support came true and he is now one of the most important soccer player in history.

What soccer players wear number 31?

Bastian Shwiensteiger for bayern Munich ( he is amazing! ). Not many kinda soccer fans know him but once you see him play he is just flat out amazing especially his power shots. Also some player on liver pool he is 22 he is amazing but he has not got his name out :)

Is soccer fun?

soccer is basically amazing. (period) It is the best sport ever.

Will you be a soccer player?

Of course I will, because it's an amazing sport. I play now and I love it. GO ENGLAND IN THE WORLD CUP!

Who is the best 18u soccer player in the world?

there are many European and latin amazing 18u players. Out of all, colombian soccer player Julian Forero shows greater skill in ball control, speed, and shot accuracy.

Why is Lionel messi the best soccer player in the world?

Although he is only 5ft 5 inchs, he is extremely fast and has amazing driblling skills. He is also a clinical finisher. And for those reasons, he is the best soccer player in the world!