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He isn't the best soccer player, but he's an amazing player when subbed on in a late time in a game, he's a super-sub and one of the best at coming on as a substitute.

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Q: Why is javier hernandez the best soccer player?
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Who is the best soccer player on the Chivas De Guadalajara?

right now javier hernandez known as chicharito

Is Javier Chicharito Hernandez one of the best soccer players?

he is one of the best soccer players

Who is the best soccer player on Mexico's team?

well Mexico has allot of great soccer players .For example they have carlos vela ,javier hernandez , and guardado . even though there is allot of them ,the best soccer player is Giovanni Dos Santos . He is the best socer player in Mexico . by ariana pere . i love u gio 2 Santos :)

Who is the best soccer player in the world-?

Lionel Messi ,Cristiano Ronaldo,Xavi Hernandez are the three best soccer players.

What is Mexico best soccer players?

Javier Hernandez, Giovani dos Santos and Andres Guardado are probably their top 3 current players.

Is javier hernandez good?

dude el chicharito [javier hernandez] is a future historical Mexican soccer player he imade history whit Mexico's chivas de gadalajara and now hes going to make history in Manchester united hes is going to overcome kaka,messi,and Cristiano ronaldo just see best Mexican player ever

Best Mexican soccer player?

The best Mexican soccer player ever would probably be Hugo Sanchez. Some other players that might give him a run for his money would be Borgetti, and Cuathemoc, they are also favorites in Mexico. At the present time, andre guadado and Javier Hernandez are probably the gems of the team.

Who is the Best soccer payer in the world?

javier mascherano

Who is the Best soccer player in Bacelnola?

im not sure about my answer but honestly i think it is Lionel messi or xavi hernandez or zlatan ibrahimovic

Who are the best paid Mexican soccer players?

Guardado and Hernandez

Who is the best canadian soccer player?

#4 Best soccer player: Matt Stinstin and Ashstone Morgan #3 Best soccer player: Terry Dunfield #2 Best soccer player: Patrice Bernier #1 Best soccer player: Julian de Guzman

Who is the best soccer player in Mexico?

the best soccer player is chicharito at least they call him that

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