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yes Nigeria does play football

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Q: Does Nigeria play football
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What sport does Nigeria play the most?


What kind of sports do Nigeria play?

Nigeria plays soccer and football on hot days.

How many times Nigeria does play the world cup football?

4 times only,

Who is Youngest person to play ncaa football?

Amobi Okoye who is from Nigeria is the youngest person to play NCAA football. Amobi Okoye played college football at age 16 and joined the NFL at age 19.

Who is Nigeria's football coach?

Lars Lagerback is the Nigeria national football team coach.

Who is the captian of Nigeria football team?

Stephen keshi is the Nigeria national football team captain

How many times Nigeria does play the FIFA world cup football?

4 times, 94,98,02 and 10

When will Nigeria play Brazil in olympic football match final?

they will play Argentina since Argentina already destroyed Brazil 3-0

Is the Nigeria football team present at the 2012 Olympics?

No Nigeria did not enter a team for Football only Basketball

Which hosted the olympic games that Nigeria won gold in football?

Nigeria won gold in football at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

What games do Nigeria people play?

games people play in Nigeria?

Who is the richest football player in Nigeria?

Kanu Nnwankwo is the richest player in nigeria.

When did football start in Nigeria?

it never did

Where is mob football still played?


What position is Peter odemwingie?

I would say he predominantly plays as a striker in his club football, but has also been known to play on either wing for Nigeria.

Who won football gold in atlanta 1996?


Who is the richest football in Nigeria?

John obi mikel

Which football team's nickname is super eagle?


What rank is the Nigeria football team?

Lucky Last

The richest Nigeria football player?

jj okocha

Who is the captain of the Nigeria football team?

Stephen keshi

Who is Nigeria's top football player?

it is Obi Mikel

What bird is on the Nigeria football team logo?

An eagle.

Who are the past and present chairman of Nigeria football federation?


Who won the football match between Argentina and Nigeria in the 2010 fifa football world cup competition in south Africa?

Argentina won the game. Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria.