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not even a little bit, other players that dislike Kobe are vince carter and shaq.

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Q: Does Kobe Bryant and ray Allen like each other?
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Richard Hamilton and Kobe Bryant have faced each other in high school?


How many times did Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant play each other?

Kobe Bryant played Michael Jordan 8 times. Four when Jordan was a bull, four as a wizard

How much does nike pay Kobe Bryant?

Nike pays Kobe Bryant $8 million dollars each year. Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player that plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Michael Jordan and kobe bryant friends or foe?

They are not friends or foes they have mutual respect for each other

Why did Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant get mad at each other?

because they were on different teams shaq had to he was forced

How much does Kobe Bryant get paid each year?

more then you!!!!

How much does Kobe Bryant squat?

he does 6 squats each day he plays400

Why do shaq o'neal and Kobe Bryant hate each other?

Kobe Bryant and shaq hate eachother because they are both superstars, well shaq retired. But when they both played for the Lakers, shaq got all the attention. Kobe simply wanted more attention but shaq was constantly in the spotlight.

What year kobe and jordan play together?

Kobe Bryant is a current player with the LA Lakers. Michael Jordan is a previous player for the Chicago Bulls. The two played each other in 1997.

Whose better Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Differing era's. Each is dominant in their own time.

Does Kobe and Jordan hate each other?


There were 2 players that play for the Los Angeles Lakers that were playing against each other for the gold medal . Who were these players?

Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant were playing for gold in the finals in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Pau Gasol represented Spain and Kobe Bryant represented USA. Both are players for Los Angeles Lakers.

Was Bryant gumbel and phylisha rashad married to each other?

No. She was married to the sports commentator Amhad Rashaad. Bryant Gumbles wives have only been white women Bryant was never married to Phylicia Allen-Rashad, his first wife June was african-american.

Is Kobe and Vanessa getting a divorce?

of course there not ment for each other

Why do Shaquille O'Neal o'neal and Kobe Bryant hate each other?

Real talk Shaq can never beat Kobe one on one that's real talk. Rumors even say that Shaq will come back to L.A. during the year 2010 that's some bunch of garbage.

What happened on February 5 1997?

Kobe and Michael played each other

What happens when Kobe and lebron see each other?

they exchange pp touches

Is Steve Nash better than Kobe Bryant?

According to most expert NBA analysts, most NBA players and coaches, and retired legends, Kobe Bryant is among the best basketball players on the planet today. Still, it is a matter of opinion as to who is "better" unless you discuss specific details of each player's skills and abilities.

When is the whole world going to end?

The world is going to end once Kobe Bryant and Lebron James look at each other face to face for 5 minutes while playing Pokemon Gold version. Stay thirsty my friends.

How much money does Kobe Bryant earn?

Kobe earns around $55 million per year with the endorsements and everything. check it out he is number 10 on forbes powerful celebrity list. shows income and everything.Answer1 penny each 5 year$24,806,250.

What is an Allen wrench?

An Allen wrench is a hex head wrench - a screwdriver with a handle and hexagonal head at right angles to each other.

WHY did the Kobe quake happen?

The Tectonic Plates Shook And Hit each other Forming Seismic Waves.........Mkay

Who is the active nba player that has won the most championships?

As of 2008 start, SHAQ #4 Tim DUNCan the DUNKMAN #4 As of 2010 - 2011 start; Kobe Bryant and Deryk Fisher now each have (5)

What is the code of Kobe Bryant in adrenalyn XL basketball trading card game?

Each code on the back of Panini Adrenalyn XL cards are unique. They can only be used once. They best way is to buy a pack of cards

Did Jordan and Kobe play a game together?

They played 8 times against each other 4 when Jordan was a bull and 4 as a wizard.