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Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant were playing for gold in the finals in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Pau Gasol represented Spain and Kobe Bryant represented USA. Both are players for Los Angeles Lakers.

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Q: There were 2 players that play for the Los Angeles Lakers that were playing against each other for the gold medal . Who were these players?
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How long have the Los Angeles Lakers been playing in the NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers joined the NBA in 1948. At the time they were known as the Minneapolis Lakers. The team moved to Los Angeles in 1960.

How many hall of fame players do the Los Angeles Lakers have?


Who did the los angeles lakers go against in 1949?

The Minneapolis Lakers beat the Syracuse Nationals 4-2.

What does Kobe Bryan play on the lakers?

He plays for the dodgers! ..jk for the los angeles lakers obviously hes been playing with the lakers since 1996 he has 13 seasons playing with the lakers and he's only 31`years old!!!!

How many NBA players live in California?

Most players from the Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Lakers live in California. That would make around 60 players.

How many players are on los angeles lakers?

There are currently 14 players on the Lakers roster (Barnes, Blake, Bryant, Bynum, Ebanks, Eyenga, Gasol, Goudelock, Hill, McRoberts, Morris, Murphy, Sessions, World Peace)

Magic Johnson career earnings?

1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $500,000 1980-81 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $500,000 1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$1,000,000 1982-83 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$1,500,000 1983-84 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,000,000 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1985-86 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,500,000 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1988-89 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $3,142,860 1989-90 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$2,771,430 1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,400,000 1991-92 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1992-93 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1993-94 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $2,500,000 1994-95 Los Angeles Lakers NBA $14,660,000 1995-96 Los Angeles Lakers NBA *$225,000 {| Career (may be incomplete) $46,199,290 |}

What was the score of the1972 NBA finals?

It was The New York Knicks against the Los Angeles Lakers 114-92 The Knicks beat the Lakers 106-92 The Lakers beat the Knicks 107-96 The Lakers beat the Knicks 116-111 The Lakers beat the Knicks The Final Game-114-100 The Lakers beat the Knicks It was The Lakers first Championship win as The Los Angeles Lakers since they moved to the area in 1960.

How long has Kobe Bryant been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers?

14 seasons

How many NBA titles do the LA Lakers?

The number of championships the LA Lakers have won is 10. 2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers 2008-09 Los Angeles Lakers 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers 2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers 1999-00 Los Angeles Lakers 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers 1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers 1984-85 Los Angeles Lakers 1981-82 Los Angeles Lakers 1979-80 Los Angeles Lakers 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers The Lakers franchise has won 15 altogether. 1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers 1952-53 Minneapolis Lakers 1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers 1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers 1948-49 Minneapolis Lakers

Why does it seem that Kobe Bryant has health problems every time the Los Angeles Lakers play a team that has a star player?

On February 21st 2008, Kobe and the Lakers took on Shaq, Steve Nash, Amare Staudemire, and Grant Hill of the Pheonix Suns. Kobe Bryant was battling a dislocated pinky but decided to play anyway because he loves playing against super-star players. He stepped it up scoring 41 points on 16-25 shooting. The Lakers spoil Shaq's debute with the Pheonix Suns winning the game 130-124 with a lucky performance by Kobe-ball-hog Bryant. Usually, Kobe will have the fortune of being injured against teams with star players.

Against what teams did the Detroit pistons have won their NBA championships?

Los Angeles Lakers (in 2004)

What team won the nba finals in 2001?

Los Angeles Lakers won against the 76ers

What is the lakers mascot?

The Los Angeles Lakers do not have a mascot. Instead, they have the Los Angeles Lakers Girls to cheer for the team

Who are the players on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team?

lamar odom Kobe Bryant derek fisher pau gasol

When was Los Angeles Lakers created?

Los Angeles Lakers was created in 1946.

What state did the Los Angeles Lakers move to from Los Angeles in 1960?

In 1960, the Los Angeles Lakers moved from the state of Minnesota. They were previously known as the Minnesota Lakers.

Who is the main rival of the Boston Celtics?

Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers

What city does the lakers represent?

la lakers=los angeles lakers

What is the name of the players on the lakers team?

One of the players on the Lakers team is Bryant

Where are the lakers?

The Lakers are in Los Angeles. They play at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The franchise originated in Minneapolis, which is where they got their name, the Lakers.

What is the difference in Minneapolis lakers and los angeles lakers?

The Lakers franchise originated in Minneapolis but they later moved to Los Angeles where they kept the name

Who is the oldest nba player still playing?

Steve Nash is the oldest player playing in NBA currently. He is 40 years old and is playing for Los Angeles Lakers.

Who won the 2009 NBA finals against who?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2009 NBA Finals 4-1 against the Orlando Magic.

Were do the lakers play?

The Los Angeles Lakers play in the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA