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Franco Harris - 11,950 yards

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โˆ™ 2009-03-27 04:53:05
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Q: Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leading rusher?
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Who was the Grove City College running back who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and graduated as the all-time leading NCAA rusher?

RJ Bowers

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers All Time leading Scorer?

The Steelers all time leading scorer is kicker, Gary Anderson with 1,343 points.

Who is the NFL all time leading rusher?

The NFL all-time leading rusher is Emmit Smith.

Who is Pittsburgh Steelers all time leading tackler?

Jack Lambert

What is the record of Pittsburgh Steelers vs Bengals?

The Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers have played a total of 86 games against each other. Their all-time record is the Steelers' leading with 53 wins against the Bengals' 33 wins.

Who was the Dallas cowboys all time leading rusher?

Emmit smith

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed a 100 yard rusher?

It was on December 27, 2009. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens rushed for 141 yards on 30 carries at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Who is the all time leading rusher in college football in 2008 season?

The all time leading rusher in college football is now nate kmic from the college of mount union

All time leading rusher for divioson 1 football?

The title of all time leading rusher in Division I football is a prestigious one. It is currently held by Ron Dayne from Wisconsin.

Who is the all-time leading rusher for the Northwestern Wildcats?

Damien Anderson is currently the leading career rusher. Tyrell Sutton has a chance to break the record this year.

Why were the Pittsburgh Steelers named the 'Steelers'?

Because at the time of the naming Pittsburgh was full of steel mills.

Who is usc all time leading rusher?

Marcus Allen

Who is the saints all time leading rusher?

Deuce McAllister

Who is Harvard all time leading rusher?

john calinan

Who is the all time leading rusher in the NFL?

Emmitt Smith is the NFL's all time leading rusher, with 18,355 career rushing yards. He broke the previous record on October 27th 2002.

Who is the Baltimore Ravens all time leading rusher?

Jamal Lewis

Who is Boston college all time leading rusher?

Derrick Knight

Who is Tennessee Volunteers all time leading rusher?

Travis Henry

Who is Miami hurricanes all time leading rusher?

ottis anderson

Who is the Florida gators all time leading rusher?

Emmitt Smith

Who is the University of Washingtons all-time leading rusher?

Napoleon Kaufman

Minnesota Vikings all time leading rusher?

Robert Smith

Who is the all time leading rusher for the University of Michigan?

Mike Hart

Who is Virginia Tech's all time leading rusher?

Maurice williams

Who is the All time pac 10 leading rusher?

Charles white