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Ronaldo's brother hugo does not played professional football

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Q: Does Cristiano Ronaldos brother play soccer?
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What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite thing sport to play other than soccer?

Christiano Ronaldos other favourite sporrt beside football is driving his ferrari.

What are Cristiano Ronaldos beliefs?

that when he play football he will feel that he is prouded of his self and he thinks that his son is prouded by hem

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's monavation to play soccer?


Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer for?

Real Madrid

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in pro soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a forward for Real Madrid FC.

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer?

Because people thought he was good

What inspired Cristiano Ronaldo to play soccer?

his small lil thang

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in soccer?

Real Madrid. 2013.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo's dad and mom encourage him to play soccer?

Yes, they did. :)

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer?

my Arabic teacher told him loads of banging

Does Cristiano Ronald play for Brazil in soccer?

Portugal. That question can be researched very easily.

What age did Cristiano Ronaldo start playing at'?

at the age of 18 he started to play soccer

Why Cristiano Ronaldo like soccer?

because he is the best player living and that he has always been wanting to play soccer/football

Who taught Harry Beckham how to play soccer?

He learned how to play soccer from his dad Ted and then his brother David.

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo want to play football?

He joined soccer because when he was a kid he was very fat

Why does Cristiano play soccer?

He enjoys it, he makes a great living from it and he is arguably the best player in the world.

If you play profesional soccer player how much do you get paid?

If you play professional soccer, there is a range of how much you will be paid just like with any other sport. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player, and currently makes 21 million euros.

Who are five athletes that play soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Ruud Van Nistelrooy Raul Gonzales Xavi Hernandez

What position does Cristiano Ronaldo play in?

Cristiano Ronaldo plays midfield position.

Where did Cristiano ronaldo work?

Cristiano Ronaldo's job is to play for Real Madrid. :)

Did Cristiano Ronaldo play for Romania?

No he did not play for Romania.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo play in the Olympics?


Who makes more money a soccer player or a surgeon?

Depends on the player. Cristiano Ronaldo makes 12.5 million € a year. Amateur players play for expenses.

Does Steven Gerrard's brother play soccer for an English club?

His older brother Paul does not play professional football, although there is a professional goalkeeper of the same name, who used to play for Everton. His cousin Anthony does play for Cardiff City.

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play club soccer for?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays his club football for Manchester United FC. They are the 2007/2008 Premier League Champions, UEFA Champions League winners, and FIFA World Club Champions.