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Yes, as of 2009 Barry Bonds is still the all time career home run leader with 762.

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Q: Does Barry Bonds still hold the home run record?
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Which MLB Player hold career record for walks?

Barry Bonds but Jim Thome can take it if he wants

Who hold the record for the most home runs in MLB?

Technically, it's Barry Bonds. But with the allegations about steroid use, some say that Hank Aaron is still the rightful holder of that record. I am one of those people.

Player with most walks in a season?

Barry Bonds hold the record for most walks in a single season with 232, set in 2004.

Who hold the record for the most postseason home runs in one year?

Barry Bonds holds the record for most postseason home runs in a single season with 8, set in 2002.

Why is Hank Aaron famous?

He used to hold the record for most homeruns before the all steroided up Barry Bonds took his place while playing for the Giants.

Was Barry Bonds the first African American to hold the alltime Major League Baseball Home run record with 762 runs in his career?

Hank Aaron was the first African-American ballplayer to hold the all-time home record. He surpassed Babe Ruth's record of 714 in 1974.

How long did Hank Aaron hold the home run record?

According to 33 years until Barry Bonds broke it on August 7, 2007

Who hold the MLB single season home run record?

Barry Bond

Does Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth hold baseballs career home run record?

Neither. Barry Bonds has led since 2007 with 762 home runs in his career. Hank Aaron had 755 and Babe Ruth had 714.

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