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No because it gives entertainment to the world. If it should be banned then why would it be in the Olympics? The TV shows are not real and the actual sport has so much health and safety involved in it these days there is almost no painful moves involved. If it was banned then a big percentage of almost every country would be unimpressed and some may even riot against the idea.

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no it should not be banned.

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no, I don't

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Q: Do you think Sports like wrestling and boxing should be banned?
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Should wrestling be banned?

Why Would It Be Banned? , No

Most of the people think that dangerous sports should be banned do you agree or disagree?

Disagree, all the way. Football, Hockey, Lax & Wrestling are dangerous & they are some of the most popular sports. I COMPLETELY disagree ( this MY opinion, anyways )

when should I be able to hurt someone?

never only in boxing and wrestling

Should school sports be banned?

it depends on the school but i dont think they should be banned because it gives you something to do whenever your bored:)

Should contact sports be banned from schools?

no because there will be riots if this happens

Should marijuana be banned from sports?

No, because it does not affect a persons motor skills or ability to play sports in anyway.

Should blood sport be banned?

It is a matter of opinion to whether or not they should be banned. In my personal opinion blood sports should be banned, but it's up to you to form your own opinion on the matter.

Should women be banned from Boxing?

No.its absolutely wrong because it is a sport nd women r nt inferior

Give you 3 reasons why boxing should not be banned?

its fun its intense and it makes soccer players look like sissys

Sports involving animals should be banned?

No, as long as the animals are properly cared for. As an equestrian myself, I pampered my horse. There's no reason these sports should be banned as long as the animals' care is regulated and safe.

Should violent sports be banned?

No ... but I think it depends to a degree on just how violent you mean.

Contact Sports Should Be banned?

Contact sports should NOT be banned. I play football and understand fully what can happen when you get hit. If you dont like the contact....DON"T PLAY! But for everyone else that loves to see two guys knock the crap out of each other i am with you I understand how you don't want them to be banned and I don't either but think about why people watch it! You just gave an example! They only watch it because of the violence! Boxing is an example! They beat each other up just to fight and entertain people! People only watch it because they like violence!