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2 throws plus ball position

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Q: Do you shoot free throws after a team control foul?
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Do you shoot an offensive foul?

No free throws are taken for offensive fouls. It is not a team foul.

Does the opponent get to shoot free throws after a technical foul?

Yes, they do. They also get possession of the ball after the free throws, from the sideline.

Do you shoot free throws on an offensive foul if your over the limit in ncaa bball?


How many fowls are committed before you shoot 2 free throws?

On the 10th foul the team goes into double bonus and gets to shoot two free throws

What happens when a foul is committed in basketball?

When a foul is commited, you either shoot free-throws if it is in the act of shooting, or you retain possession. If the team that fouls has 7,8, or 9 fouls, you are in bonus and you shoot 1 and one (if you make the first free throw you get to shoot the other free throw and if you miss it it is up for grabs) and if the other team has 10+ fouls, you get to shoot both free throws. If the foul is in the act of shooting beyond the 3-point line, you get to shoot 3 free-throws.

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

What happens if you get called on a pushing foul?

Nothing. You'd just get called for a foul, and of they are in the bonus, they will get to shoot free throws, but unless it is flagrant nothing will happen.

Is a charge a team foul?

Yes. If a team is in the bonus and a charge is committed against them, they will shoot two free throws.

Do you shoot free throws on player control fouls in high school basketball?


What are the penalties for a dead ball foul?

The penalties for a dead ball foul are that the team that got fouled gets to have any player of theirs go to shoot the free throws.

What is the charity strife?

The 'charity stripe' is another name for the foul line that players must stand behind to shoot free throws.

What does foul to give in the NBA mean?

it means a team may commit a foul on the other team without having them shoot free throws, rather they have to in bound the ball and try to shoot. used in last minutes of a game.

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