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You say "a lit tennis court."


Tennis courts are lit at night.

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Q: Do you say A lighted tennis court or A lit tennis court?
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Would you say The candle is lighted or The candle is lit?

both are correct.

How do you say a tenis court in french?

court de tennis

What did the tennis court oath say?


When to say Lit or LIGHTED?

"You can use both words; they're interchangeable."That is a widely believed view, but incorrect. Typically you would use lit as a verb and lighted as an adjective before a noun.While it may be acceptable to use lighted as a verb, one really shouldn't if they wish to be grammatically correct.From the Cambridge dictionary:Definition:light (FLAME) nouna light something which will produce a flame and cause burning, such as a match or a cigarette lighter:Have you got a light, please?light verb [I or T] lit or lighted, lit or lightedto start to burn or to make something start to burn:to light a fireI can't get the cooker to light.He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour.lighted adjective [before noun]burning or starting to burn:a lighted candle/matcha lighted fuse

What is a Clay - Floodlit tennis court?

it's a type of tennis court which a has a clay surface. clay surface has a brown-red color and is a slower surface than, say grass or cement. if you want to see a clay tennis court just watch roland garros:)

What does a line judge say when the tennis ball lands in the wrong area or outside of the court?


How do you say tennis in Japanese?

To say tennis in Japanese.........テニス

Does height have an advantage in tennis?

some people say yes and some people say no.. in basketball yes, in football yes, in tennis my opinion is no. tenis is more about how you move about the court, your skill, strategy, and your energy level.

How do you say tennis court in spanish?

pista de tenis o cancha de tenis depends on the country.

Why did third estate members of the estates general feel that the tennis court oath was necessary?

They felt it was necessary because the third estate felt that they had no say in things. So they decided not to leave the tennis court until they were recognized as the "National Assembly".

How do you say there is a bed in French?

You say "there is" as "IL Y" and "a bed" is "UN LIT" - " il y a un lit"

Do you say you are a ball of fire on table tennis or in table tennis?

I say i am a ball on fire in table tennis :d

What is a serving position in tennis?

It's where you stand when you serve. Behind the baseline in one of the four corners of the court. Best way I can say it.

Is it proper to say the lighted side of the moon?

No, the correct way to say it is: "The light side of the moon"

How do say spell tennis in french?

The same word 'tennis'

How do you say tennis racquet in french?

raquette de tennis

In tennis Does the umpire say let or net?

There is no umpire in tennis.

How do you say this bed in french?

Cet lit

How do you say 'in bed' in French?

au lit

How do say bed in french?

un lit

How do you say tennis shoes in french?

des tennis (not specific pair) or les tennis (specific pair) or mes tennis (my tennis shoes)

What is a 3 letter word for the ability to say short and clever things?

Wit is a 3-letter word for the ability to say short and clever things.

How do you say tennis in french and do you say la or le?

It's "le tennis", you don't pronounce the "s".

Can you say 'these tennis racket and ball'?

No, it's 'these tennis rackets and ball'

How do you say i play tennis in french?

je joue au tennis