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Each Rugby union will have its own specific rule on eligibility

Most will expect a player to be born in the country of playing choice but you are able to be selected in grand parents were from the country and if you live in the country for 4 years

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Q: Do you need to be born in US to play for US rugby team?
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Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

Does Daniel carter play rugby for another rugby team?

No. He play's for the All Blacks

Where does the Connacht Rugby team play?

The Connacht Rugby team, as their name implies, is a team that plays professional rugby. Connacht Rugby has four provincial rugby teams representing Ireland.

Do Wallabies rugby team play union or league?

The Wallabies are the Australian Rugby Union team. The Australian Rugby League team is called the Kangaroos.

What is rugby like?

rugby is the best sport ever made and is a great team game but you need to be tough to play it Well said. It is claimed that Rugby is a hooligans game player by gentlefolk.

How many rugby players play on the field at one time?

15 from each team in rugby union and 13 from each team in rugby league

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Can I play for the England Rugby team when I am older?

depends on your place of birth and your standard of rugby skill

What colors of Canterbury rugby team play in?

they play in red and black colours

Does englands rugby team play union or league?

England has national teams for both rugby union and rugby league

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Its Ravenhill

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Depends what team they play for.

Does Yemen play rugby?

They are not currently a registered team with the IRB

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Their home ground is Twickingham.

How many players are nedded to play rugby?

Rugby League has 13 players on each team. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team. There is a recognised game of seven-a-side in Rugby Union.

How was the fist team 2 play rugby?

It was Rugby School 1823 where the game was developing in its earliest stages

Do people get paid to play rugby?

Yes. There are hundreds of professional rugby players as well as coaches and team instructors who are paid to play the game.

What sport do the Gold Coast Titans play?

The Gold Coast Titans are a professional rugby team that play in Australia. They compete in the National Rugby League, and have been a team since 2007.

What country does the all black rugby team play for?

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