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Q: What rugby team does Pat Lambi play for?
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Who is the captain of the Canadian rugby union team?

Pat Riordan

What is the name of the captain of the canadian rugby team?

Maple Leafs

When did Pat Murphy - rugby union - die?

Pat Murphy - rugby union - died in 1945.

When was Pat Murphy - rugby union - born?

Pat Murphy - rugby union - was born in 1878.

What NFL team does Pat O'Donnell play for?

Pat O'Donnell plays for the Chicago Bears.

What NFL team does Pat Edwards play for?

Pat Edwards plays for the Detroit Lions.

What NFL team does Pat Devlin play for?

Pat Devlin plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team does Pat Sims play for?

Pat Sims plays for the Oakland Raiders.

What MLB team does Pat Neshek play for?

Pat Neshek plays for the St. Louis Cardinals.

When was Pat McCabe - rugby union - born?

Pat McCabe - rugby union - was born on 1988-03-21.

When was Pat McMahon - rugby league - born?

Pat McMahon - rugby league - was born on 1927-06-21.

When was Pat Gibson - rugby league - born?

Pat Gibson - rugby league - was born on 1981-06-19.