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If you do not hav a "chalker" also called a scorekeeper then yes you have to write down your own score.

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Q: Do you have to write your score down in darts?
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What is the top score in darts?

the max score with 3 darts is 180.

What is a winning score in a game of darts?

Most games start out with a score of 301. Then after hitting certain numbers on the board, your score goes down. The winner is the first one to get their score down to 0.

How do you keep score in darts?

It depeneds on what game you are playing. Most Count down to 0 with having to score a double or triple on your last throw.

How do you score 141 points in darts?

To score 141 in Darts you will need Treble 20, Treble 19 and Double 12

What is the highest possible score using 3 darts?

By getting three darts into the treble 20 section, you can score 180.

What two combinations in darts if score is 91 to win 501 game with two darts?

Impossible as maximum score with 2 darts is 120! T17-D20 and T19-D17

In which game could you score a woody?


What sport can you get 180 on?

You can score 180 on darts

How can you score 180 points in a game of darts with 3 darts?

three triple-20's

If you were playing darts and got a 'Shanghai' score of 72 with 3 darts which number have you scored on?


How many times can you score 100 points with three darts?

You can score 100 points with three darts, the maxium of three times (if you are really good).

How do you score on table shuffle board?

Write it down on it

How many do you score if you get bulls eye in darts?


What score is treble tops in darts?

60, the highest single-dart score on the board

Highest score with 3 darts?

The highest score you can get with three darts is 180 (Otherwise known as a ton 80). To achieve this score you must hit the treble 20 three times in one turn.

180 H S in a G D?

180 is the highest score in darts. Three triple 20s is worth 180 points.

What is a score of shanghai in darts?

A shanghai is a single, a double, and a triple of the same number in one throw of three darts.

How could you score 100 with 3 darts?

You need only 2 darts: T-20, D-20.

How many ways to score 60 with 3 darts?


What is the highest score you cannot scrore with 3 darts?


180 t s in d?

top score in darts

What is th best score to achieve in darts championship?


How do you score 180 in darts?

tripple 20 3 times

Game in which players subtract from a starting score of 501?


Highest score when firing 7 darts at a board?