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There are two methods of playing a half-court game.

One method is that if the ball is missed but hits the rim or backboard, the opposite team (the team that shot the ball can rebound and shoot as they please) must take the ball back. If the ball is missed and hits nothing, then the opposing team does not have to take the ball back.

The second method is the same except that the ball must be taken back under all circumstances for the opposing team, should they gain possession of the ball.

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you only have 8 seconds to be in your own half then you must enter the oppositions half within the 8 seconds to not commit a foul

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No. You can actually rebound the ball and take the shot, most popular in one on one Basketball half court games particularly with one goal.

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Q: Do you have to take the ball back after a missed shot playing half court?
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In 1 on 1 basketball do you have to take the ball back?

Well it depends if you are playing with clears. Clear is when you are playing half-court. You need to go back and then try scoring again. But if your playing full-court you can just go ahead.

Can you inbound the ball into your back court from the front court?

yes you can

If the defensive team tips the ball away in the frontcourt but the offensive team tips it after that wo regaining possessionThen the offensive team recovers the ball in the backcourt. Who's ball?

There are several violations in basketball that are called back court violations:1) The offensive team has 8 seconds (NBA) or 10 seconds (college) to bring the ball from the back court to the front court after inbounding. If the offensive team cannot advance the ball from the back court to the front court in the time allotted, a back court violation is called.2) Once the offensive team brings the ball across the mid court line, they may not pass the ball to a teammate who is behind the mid court line. This is also commonly called an 'over and back violation'.3) Should an offensive player lose control of the ball in the front court, due to their own error, and the ball cross the mid court line back into the back court , the offensive team cannot regain possession of the ball without having a back court violation (over and back) called.

Is it over and back if a person comes from front court to back court and just touches the ball?

no, that would be a back court violation one may not go across the mid line of the court and then go back The violation only occurs if the ball has crossed into the front court

How many seconds is a back court violation?

there's no count for back court violation. back court violation is when you hold the ball in the fore court and you step back beyond the half court line is back court violation. maybe you are meaning the 8 seconds violation wherein you are not allowed to stay in the back court with the ball for more than 8 seconds.

What is the area called that you're not allowed passing or dribbling the ball back into after the ball has already crossed over the half court line?

back court.

What does catch the rebound mean?

When a ball is missed and a person from the same team shoots the ball into the basketball hoop.

When one grabs the ball after a missed shot?

When one grabs the ball after a missed shot in Basketball they have rebounded the ball.

Were is the volley ball served on the court?

it is served at the back of the court, behind the line(;