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no, that would be a back court violation

one may not go across the mid line of the court and then go back

The violation only occurs if the ball has crossed into the front court

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Q: Is it over and back if a person comes from front court to back court and just touches the ball?
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What is a back court violation?

A "Back Court Violation", sometimes called "over and back", occurs when an offensive player, while in control of the ball, crosses or touches the half court line only after the ball has been established in the "Front Court." The "Front Court" is a basketball team's offensive half of the court. The "Back Court" is a basketball team's defensive half of the court. After "in-bounding" the ball from or to the back court, dribbling the ball in the back court is allowed until the ball is established in the front court. The Ball is considered in the front court when a player controls the ball and both feet are past the half court line. Also, when a player is "Dribbling" from the "Back Court" to the "Front Court", the ball is not considered to be establish in the front court until both feet and the ball have entered the front court . Once the ball has been established in the "Front Court", an offensive player may play a ball in the back court only if a player on the defensive team controls, touches or knocks the ball in or to the back court otherwise it is a "Back Court Violation".

What is a setter in volleyball?

a setter is a person who hits the ball into a spacific area in the front so the other person can spike it over to the other side.... this is a horrible answer A setter is a player who touches the second ball to set it up for the third touch or spike. They are like the second captain on the court

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it is where the person who is trampolining jumps in the air straightens there legs out in front of them and touches there toes then lands back upright

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No. Not unless the person touches the BBQ. More a case of heat radiation.

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Where is front and back court?

opposing sides of the court

What are the names of volleyball positions and the meanings?

1. Libero, this person is the dedicated passer on the team, this person wears a different shirt to the rest of the team. This person is prohibited to enter the front court, serve or hit the ball. But the Libero is allowed unlimited substitutions.2. Defensive Specialist, this person is similar to the Libero but the D.S is allowed to hit, serve and go into front court. But the manager of the team will sub him off when he/her reaches front court.3. Middle Hitter, this person stays in front court and is subbed off when he reaches back-court. Either the D.S or the Libero can sub on for this person. The middle hitter stays in position 3. Usually, the middle hitter is the tallest hitter and the worst passer on the team.4. Setter, this person is the orchestrator of the team, the setter will always take the 2nd ball to set up an attack for either the outside hitter or the middle. The setter is crucial to the team.5. Outside/Opposite Hitter, the outside hitter is either in position 4 or in position 1, this person hits a variety of sets and usually is the all-rounded player in the team. The outside hitter works well in back-court as well as front-court.

What is the difference between front court and back court?

Back court is the other team's basket, and the opposite way in which you are supposed to be going. Front court is the basket and half court you are supposed to be going for.

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