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When swimming in a luxury pool, it is not as mandatory, however it is recommended in a more competitive pool. Less resistance the better.

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Q: Do you have to take earings out while swimming?
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What do you do when you take out your earings?

You take the backs off the studs and you take the jewellery out of your piercings.

Can you wear earings while playing football?

no you can't not even studs

When can you take second hole earings out?

You can take second hole earings out after you've had them in for at least eight weeks because it might seem like a long time but the gristle in your ear has to get used to the earing being there and that takes a long time. You normally take earings out after six weeks but second hole earings are higher up your ear so inside your ear is harder because it is closer to the bone.

What is the blue on your ears after you take out earings?

if your earrings are not real they will do that sometimes.

How long do you have to keep in the earings before you take them out?

2 month's

Can you wear earrings during basketball?

For safety reasons you shouldn't wear earings during an activity such as basketball because there is the possibility you might rip the earings out of your ears. And if you are wearing earings while playing basketball, you should make sure they are not big, they should be a little stud earings or in other words nothing that hangs from your ears.

Can you dive with earings in?

Only if the earings have backings

Do you take your earrings out while swimming?

You don't have to. However, it is recommended so you don't lose them.

What is the easiest way to take the earings out of your ears?

The reverse order in which they went in.

Is it safe to take your earings out after 6 weeks?

Yes, it is safe as long as you wear earrings every once in a while after that so they don't close up you should be good.

Why should you chew gum while swimming?

not while swimming, for diving, helps you concentrate

What is the meaning of swimming out?

The clothing you would wear while swimming is the definition of swimming out.

How can you hide your toes while swimming?

You can wear water shoes to hide your toes while you are swimming.

Can you kill lice while swimming?

no you can not kill lice by swimming.

What sport do you do on your back?

well you do swimming on your back while swimming backstroke

Does Selena Gomez wear earings?

Yes, she does. If you look in the pictures she's in, she has earings on.

Where do they sell Claire's earings?

They sell clairs earings at Claires in the shopping malls

How do you protect you new tattoo while swimming?

Do not swim (or take a bath) for at least 2 weeks after you get a new tattoo.

What do you see while swimming in a lake that you wouldn't want to see while swimming in a pool?

Fish, sand, weeds, ducks, rocks

How do you get your parents to take you out of swimming you hate it?

Tell them how uncomfortable swimming is for you.

How important is a ladder in a swimming pool?

Ladder's are very important in a swimming pool. If you don't have a ladder, people can get hurt. If there is an emergency and someone needs help, it would take a while for the person to get help.

How long does it take polar bears to swim 6 miles?

That is their swimming speed, so about one hour, unless they take a nap while doing so!

Is holding your breath while swimming bad for you if you suffer from asthma?

No. You should be able to live a normal life if you take the medicine.

Does your period stop when you are swimming?

Your period can stop while swimming and showering as your body temperature changes. i recommend still using a tampon while swimming

Is physical work done while swimming?

Yes, swimming is good physical exercise.