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no just for kids

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Q: Do you have to sign up to be a pro tennis player?
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What does dill want to do when he grows up?

He wants to become a pro tennis player, the president, and a bikni model.

Where do you sign up for tennis?

You could go to the Cupertino Sports Center and sign up.

How do you become a pro in Wii tennis?

you can become a pro in tennis by playing your best and getting your arrow to go up on the scale till you get to 1000 point's.

What are websites where you can sign up to be a pro wrestler?

Eric brown

Do you have to be rich to become a pro soccer player?

noyou have to join a football club at a young age and eventually if you have some talent you will be signed by a top money is needed to sign up, after you sign up you take it from there. :)

What Australian female player grew up playing tennis at Kingsley tennis club?

Kim Clisters

Do you have to have an education to become a pro basketball player?

No, but pro teams will not sign anyone who is not at least old enough to have completed high school. LeBrons James was picked up right after high school and never went to college.

What did Wayne Gretzky want to be when he grew up?

he wanted to be a pro. baseball player, but instead he went off to be a pro hockey player

What sport did Sally Ride play as a kid?

Sally Ride was an amazing tennis player as a kid. In fact that was her plan to grow up and be a proffesional tennis player!

Where can you sing up to be a soccer player?

-do you mean sign up?

Who do pro tennis players practice against?

They practise against what they call, "professional hitting partners". Of course, oftimes, they will simply hit up with their coaches or other pro players, when they are about.

How do you download flash player on dsi?

sign up

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