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no ;)

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Q: Do you have to pay money when you are trying to get NBA draft?
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How much do you have to pay to get in the NBA draft?

You don't pay money. You play in the Draft Combine and then you might get drafted.

Do you have to pay to wacht the 2011 NBA draft?

no you dont have to because you watch it on tv right

NBA prize money?

there is no NBA prize money bu the team may give you a pay raise.

How much money is deducted after cancellation of draft?

since you pay commission charges for the draft before getting it, your money would be returned in full if you cancel the draft.

How do NBA teams get money to pay their players?

endorsements and sponsors

Do you have to pay money to try out in the NBA and get drafted?

No u dont have to pay money by time ur there you will have a agent he will take care of everthing

How much money do NBA plays get a year?

Depends which team. In accord with how much money the team has, they'll pay you. Pretend you're playing for Miami. They've been able to draft nearly every good player in the NBA. They'll pay you off good. It also depends on how good a draft pick/player you are. If you're a Lebron James type of player, you'll be off with millions. If you're my type, who has to shoot with both hands, jumping forwards, you'll still get one of the highest payouts in the industry. Being in the NBA is actually a good investment.

What is the salary for NBA practice squad players?

Each NBA franchise has a different salary allotment that they use to pay employees. This pay will vary depending on the money that is available.

Do you have to pay to be in the NBA?

NBA players are paid for playing. Owners buy their franchises. People buy tickets. They make a lot of money.

How do you get drafted in the NBA?

If you feel you are good enough, you pay a decent sized fee to enter the draft were you will be measured, weighted and given basic tests for your athletic ability, then a team might invite you to do much more specific workouts then if they like you they will draft you on draft night.

Where does the nba get the money to pay the players?

First of all, the teams pay the players. The teams get the money from advertisements/sale from tickets. There are many other ways, but use your head to figure it out.

Do you have to pay to be in the NBA and how much?

No...the NBA pays you

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