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LLWS refers to the Little League World Series. You have to be a participant in an accredited Little League program to be included in the nationwide tournament that leads to the World Series.

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Q: Do you have to be in a special league to be in the llws?
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Was there ever a girl in the little league world series?

Yes, there have been girls in the LLWS. Actually, in 2009 there were 2 girls in the LLWS.

Who started the Little league World Series?

Check the llws wikipedia page

When does the little league World Series start?

2011 llws- aug 18-28

Did any major league baseball players ever play in the little league world series?

Yes ... current MLB players (2011 season) that played in the Little League World Series are ... 1) Jason Bay, New York Mets - played for Canada in the 1990 LLWS. 2) Jason Marquis, Arizona Diamondbacks - played for the South Shore Little League team from Staten Island, New York in the 1991 LLWS. 3) Sean Burroughs, Arizona Diamondbacks - played for Long Beach Little League from Long Beach, California in the 1992 and 1993 LLWS. 4) Jason Varitek, Boston Red Sox - played for the Altamonte Springs Little League from Altamonte Springs, Florida in the 1984 LLWS.

Has a little league team from Colorado ever won the Little League World Series?

No. Indeed, no Colorado team has ever played in the championship game of the LLWS.

Who won the 2009 LLWS?

The team who won was West or California in LLWS 2009. What a good game that was!

Which city has the most Little League World Series appearances?

curaçao since they are usually in the LLWS led by coach Vernon Isabella

Do the Little League Players in the Little League World Series keep their equipment?

I believe Gary Thorne said at the 2010 llws it is the first year the players get to keep their JERSEYS

Is there an umpire roster for the 1988 Little League World Series?

Not that I have been able to find, although I was able to find an old Boston Globe article published June 20, 1988 that mentions a gentleman named Ron Saloman was scheduled to work the 1988 LLWS. I have found the rosters, scores, and an overview for the 1988 LLWS and that can be accessed by clicking on the '1988 LLWS Rosters and Scores' link on this page. This data comes from the Little League website You might try accessing the site and contacting them to see if they have the umpire information you are looking for. They do have a listing of umpires for the upcoming LLWS but I found nothing for 1988 umpires.

When is the Little League World Series on TV?

The Little League World Series starts in the middle of August. Click on the '2007 LLWS' link on this page to see the TV schedule and game pairings.

Who was the first pitcher to have a perfect game at the Little League World Series?

Pinky Deras in 1959. He threw 16 no hitters, and is widely considered to be the best LLWS player of all lime.

When is the 2013 llws?

The 2013 Little League World Series will begin as early as July 24 for Big League Baseball World Series, which is one of the nine to be hosted this year. The newly created Little League Intermediate 50/70 will have their inaugural tournament beginning on July 30.

Who is Angel Macias?

Angel Macias was one of the boys in the Monterrey Industrials LLWS baseball team in 1957. The was the teams main pitcher, and pitched a Perfect Game in the championship game of the 1957 LLWS tournament.

Where are the 1957 little league baseball winners?

1957 was the first year in which the LLWS championship had a team from outside the U.S. The pitcher for Monterrey, Mexico pitched a perfect game, and his team won 4-0.

How do you become pro in league of legends?

be special

Why is the number 11 on wall of Williamsport little league champion stadium?

It is to commemorate a former little leaguer who played in the LLWS. He became a NYC Fireman and who died at the WTC on 9/11. See this link for details:

Where did the peloponnesian league meet?

There was no special meeting place.

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Howard Stern on Demand - 2005 Beer League Special was released on: USA: September 2006

Which ARE not a special teams play IN national football league?

All offensive and defensive plays are NOT special teams plays.

What is special about the Jewish Defense League?

There is nothing special about the Jewish Defense League. They are pledged to protecting Jews by whatever means they see fit. They have even been labeled as a terrorist organization by the FBI.

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Any of them without a special power

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Nothing special happens.

Are there any special sport teams in Maine?

baseball (Miricle League)Basketball

What is the fastest baseball pitch by a 10 year old?

Now I had to do some research for this so here would be the highest one by average: Now remember the LLWS that still goes on? and there are videos to help you with it the fastest known would be 60 mph but that is not compared to what I'm gonna say, the fastest known in LLWS was 63 mph I believe correct me if I'm wrong but hopes this helps!

Little League World Series?

The LLWS is held every August in South Williamsport and now televised on the ESPN family of networks. It was first played in 1947. It contains 16 teams, 8 from U.S. and 8 international. It is for 11-12 year olds and 13 year olds can play if their birthday is after May 1.