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Babe Ruth died in 1948. They didnt have colored pictures back then.

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Q: Do you have a colored picture of Babe Ruth?
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Is babe Ruth colored?

no babe ruth was the whitest cracker in baseball

What posision did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth played picture and outfeider

Do you have a picture of Babe Ruth?

Click on the 'Babe Ruth Photos' link below to go to the Babe Ruth website and see photos of him.

Where can I find a picture of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball?

If you do a search for a Babe Ruth signed baseball, you will find plenty of photos of a Babe Ruth signature at many of the top auction houses. See Related Links below for a picture of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball. Google Images. Enter: Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball

Could Babe Ruth have attended Lou Gehrig's Funeral?

Yes he did.. There is a picture of Babe Ruth in front of Lou Gehrig's coffin.. The picture was in the Daily News-The Stadium-Part One:The house that Ruth Built.

What is this picture of Babe Ruth picture that is hand written on the back May 2nd 1930 Oriole Park and at the bottom in print is MLB 1910 and the picture of him is signing a baseball for some kids?

Yes I have a picther of babe ruth and also have his signiture

Babe Ruth card 151 reprint?

his foot is cut off the picture on his let side

How much is a Boruta picture of Babe Ruth from 1966 worth?


How much would a picture of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig be worth?

The price of a picture of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig will depend on a few things. The authenticity of the picture and the condition it is in will affect the price. Also where you sell the, whether in a pawn shop, internet, or at an auction will make the price vary as well.

How much would an original picture of babe Ruth cost?

up to at least 2000

Why is Babe Ruth called The Babe?

He's called Babe Ruth because Babe stands for rookies and Ruth was his last name.

Picture of Babe Ruth rookie card?

A 1914 Babe Ruth rookie baseball card, just the tenth card of its kind to be discovered sold at auction on May 5, 2008 for the price of $517,000. The card was produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper. In an auction held in 2007 the Babe Ruth Baltimore News card sold for $200,000. See Related Links below for a picture of this card

The Babe's name?

George Herman Ruth.... aka "Babe Ruth" or "The Babe."

What is the name of The Babe?

"The Babe" Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth.

Where is Babe Ruth's son?

Babe Ruth did not have a son.

What was Babe Ruth's ethnicity?

Babe Ruth is black

What is the Babe's real name?

"The Babe" "The Bambino" "The Sultan Of Swat" or Babe Ruth's real name is George Herman Ruth "The Babe" "The Great Babino" "The Sultan of Swat" Babe Ruth's birth name was George Herman Ruth.

What was Babe Ruth's daughters name?

Babe Ruth has two daughters, Dorothy Ruth and Julia Ruth.

How did Babe Ruth get the nickname Bambino?

Bambino is Italian for baby, as in Babe, Babe Ruth.

What is Babe Ruth's reel name?

Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth.

Where was Babe Ruth from?

Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Is Babe Ruth real?

yes babe Ruth was real

Who is the babe?

George Herman Ruth (a.k.a. Babe Ruth)

What was Babe Ruth know for?

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

What was Babe Ruth shoe size?

Babe Ruth's shoe size was 11.