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Yes he did.. There is a picture of Babe Ruth in front of Lou Gehrig's coffin.. The picture was in the Daily News-The Stadium-Part One:The house that Ruth Built.

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Q: Could Babe Ruth have attended Lou Gehrig's Funeral?
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Did Babe Ruth have a funeral?


Were Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth friends?

Yes they are friends.In fact Babe even went to Lou's funeral and he always admired him. Lou and Babe were very good friends.

What school did babe Ruth attend as a boy?

As a child, Babe Ruth attended St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore, MD.

What religion was Babe Didrikson?

her religion is not really known but her funeral was at a Lutheran church.

What eduaction did George Herman Babe Ruth have?

Babe, who attended the St. Mary's School in Baltimore had what we would call a GED. His was trained to be a tailor. A good skill in those days.

When was Babe Ruth's funeral and where was it?

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City on August 19, 1948.

What is the name of the building babe Ruth's funeral was at?

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, New York.

Where did babe didrikson go to school?

Mildred Ella Didrikson, better known as Babe, was born on June 26, 1911, in Port Arthur, Texas. She attended Beaumont Composite High School.

How Much Weight can Babe Ruth bench?

Babe Ruth could bench 450lbs

Did Babe Ruth go to St Dominick's school?

No, Ruth attended the St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys in Baltimore, Maryland.

Who played babe Ruth in the movie pride of the Yankees the story of Lou Gehrigs life?

Babe Ruth played himself in The Pride of the Yankees. Bill Dickey, Mark Koenig and Bob Meusel also had cameo roles in the movie.

What does it mean if a guy you like calls you babe?

It could mean he likes you or it could mean nothing. My mom, after all, calls everyone "babe".

Did Babe Ruth die at Yankee Stadium?

No. Babe Ruth died at Memorial Hospital in New York City. Following his death, Ruth's body was made available for public viewing at Yankee Stadium. His funeral was held two days later.

What are the words to That'll Do Pig That'll Do from Babe?

I want this for my mother's funeral - the words are just lovely - she was the kindest person I have ever known and at 87; that'll do.

How could you make a campaign poster for greek god Apollo using three slogans?

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Could babe Ruth bench press 420lbs?

No chance.

Why would a person say well color you blue and call you babe?

They are saying that they could be Babe the Blue Ox from Paul Bunyan folk tales

Who is better Babe Ruth or Willie Mays?

Babe Ruth. Higher average, more power. And he could PITCH as well.

What was name of the reform school that Babe Ruth attended and where was it?

Brought up in the Baltimore area he went to a local elementary school. He was considered to be an "incorrigible kid", and had to be removed. When Babe Ruth was seven years old his parents placed him in St. Mary's Industrial School (Baltimore), an institution for underprivileged boys.

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Babe is a pig.

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Is babe a verb proper noun?

A proper noun is usually the name of a person or a place: "babe" could only be a proper noun if it were someone's name, for example, the great baseball player from many years ago named Babe Ruth ("Babe" was his nickname). Babe cannot be a verb, since a verb shows action, like "to run" or "to swim." The word "babe" is an old version, or a shortened version, of the word "baby", and it is just a common noun.

How much is a 1948 Babe Ruth baseball worth?

One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature.A baseball in poor condition with a weak signature could sell in the $4,000. price range or less, and a minty baseball with a strong signature could sell in the $15,000 price range or more.On July 26, 1948, Babe Ruth attended the premier of the film about his life, The Babe Ruth Story, which starred William Bendix (ironically Bendix had been a Yankee bat boy in the 1920's.) Ruth however was feeling very ill, and left well before the film was finished. Three weeks later, on Aug.16 1948 Babe Ruth Passed away.A Baseball signed by Babe Ruth in 1948 would be rare considering he was ill. If Babe Ruth himself inscribed the baseball 1948 it will have a higher value.If the signature is not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. For more information and a sample of a Babe Ruth signature visit the link I left below.

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What is a babe? Or sorry, WHO is Babe? There's a billion babes, you know. Like, boyfriends and girlfriends call each other "Babe." And there is a pig called "Babe." And a baby is a longer word for "babe." Okay??

How Babe Ruth die?

Babe Ruth died of throught cancer. And that was fro his affinity for tobacco and Alcohol. It could have also come from a affinity of hotdogs and beer everyday of his baseball career.