Do you care about football

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I don't care one cent about football!

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Q: Do you care about football
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What is UEFA's motto?

The motto of UEFA is 'We care about Football'.

What is Miranda Cosgrove's favourite sport?

football,why do you care because she rocks and if youdont care why answer the question

How do you care for football gloves?

I do not have any football gloves and thus by the rules of mathematical logic the question is not posed.

Do college football players care if their team wins?

Some do some don't

How can people send somthing to Fernando Torres?

Care of the football club;Liverpool Football ClubAnfield Road, Anfield, Liverpool, L4 0TH

Why are police escorts with college football coaches?

The police may escort college football coaches from time to time. They escort them in order to keep them safe from people that do not care for them.

What does it mean for a football team to take advantage of the football field?

in American football, to take care of the football field is to always have good field position. (to punt it when its fourth down and you're on your 25 yrd. line) and most simply make plays using your surroundings.

What is the name of the English football team that has the slogan nobody likes us and we don't care?

Grimsby Town (we8codheads)

Write a sentence about your father?

how to write about your father in french he has brown eyes he like football and care about family in french

What is the plot for the Blindside the story?

Ò€’This book is about an African American boy who was taken in by and family of Christians who took care of him and got him into football and later on in his life he became a pro football player

Why do people from Africa to Europe to play football?

Europe is a continent which gives more importance for soccer than Africa. Europe has lots of stadiums. In Africa the weather is not good for football and they don't care much about football and only need a simple life.

Goal post what is wider between soccer and American football?

Soccer goal posts are 8 yards apart. Someone else care to document distance between American football posts?

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