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No they do not do it.They have to qualify for the next season.

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Q: Do the winners of the champions league qualify for the champions league?
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Do the winners of the europa league go into the champions league?

No, but the champions will automaticaly qualify for the next year's Europa League.

How many English premier league qualify for champions league 2014?

In every season, the top four teams in the English Premier League qualify for the champions league. However, If a team did not qualify at the end of a season, but wins the champions league, then the team in fourth gets knocked out of their qualifying spot for the champions league winners.

How many matches in the champions league must you play to qualify for a winners medal?


How many premier league teams enter Europe?

The top 4 all qualify for the Champions League, with the fifth team qualifying for the Europa League. The FA Cup winners and League Cup winners also qualify for the Europa league.

How many uefa champions league title does mancherster united?

3. European cup winners 1968. champions league winners 1999. champions league winners 2008

Does winning of fa cup qualify for champions league?

No but they do qualify for the Europa League.

How many teams from England can qualify to the champions league Is it 4 or 5?

in england, 4 teams can qualify to the champions league.

Who are the British champions league winners?

Liverpool and Manchester United are the Champion league winners.

Did tottenham qualify for UEFA 2011?

They didn't qualify for the UEFA Champions League but they did qualify for the Europa League.

Who is winners of champions league 2008-2009?

Barcelona were the winners of the Champions League in season 2008-2009, beating Manchester United in the final.

Did Manchester united qualify?

They qualify for champions league 99% of the time !

Which countries qualify for the champions league?

Only clubs qualify for the champion league each year.

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