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Q: Do the raiders have to change the raider name next season?
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Where did Oakland Raiders get their name?

The Raiders name comes from a recommendation from a Marine Corps Raider who served in WWII. There was a competition for names when the team was formed in Oakland and an original Marine Raider sent in "Raiders" and won the competition. True story.

What is a good Raiders super fan name?

I am dressing up as a female Raiders version of the NFL robot on FOX. I need a name that is sexy and edgey that ties into being a Raider super fan. I am friends with Cin Metal and we are stumped on a name. HELP US Raider Nation!!

Who is an Oakland Raiders player with six letters that begins with r?

name of Oakland raider player with 6 letters in his name?

What is the birth name of Brad Raider?

Brad Raider's birth name is Brad Evan Raider.

What is the birth name of Brian Raider?

Brian Raider's birth name is Brian Louis Raider.

Is it a misprint to have a card that shows is roger Craig with a raiders uniform on and says Minnesota Vikings under his name?

No, Craig played for the Vikings, but his prior season (when the photo was taken) was with the Raiders.

What is the name for Tomb Raider 9?

Tomb Raider: Underworld. It is carried on from Tomb Raider: Legend.

Why are Oakland football team called raiders?

they got that name, because it suited their style and determination for playing a game they all loved. But in the end they still suck! lol

Will there be a tomb raider origins?

The name is not fix, but there is a tomb raider after tomb raider underworld and I can't wait for it... Hope I Helped...

What is the name of the Tomb Raider game after Tomb Raider underworld beneath the ashes?

Tomb Raider Underworld Lara's Shadow

Where do twix get there name from?

, Twix was first known as "The Raider Bar". Mars decided to change that name to sell more of the candy bar, thus ending up with "Twix".

Who is the tomb raider heroine name?

Laura Croft