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No. the only full air canisters are 12 gram CO2 cartridges, all others are sold empty under law.

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Q: Do the paintball air tanks at walmart come with the air?
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Will fire department air tanks fill paintball hpa tanks?

No, they will not. Unless they themselves have a compressor and tanks they cannot.

Can compressed air tanks fit on all paintball guns?

why ask me

Does a paintball gun use any size co2 tank?

Almost all paintball guns fit standard 5, 9 or 20 oz tanks as well as air tanks.

Who invented the compressed air tank for paint ball?

Compressed air tanks were around long before paintball.

What shops sell paintball markers?

Usually specialized paintball "pro shops" that sell paintball markers, paint[balls] in quantities of 2000 or so, paintball gear (apparel, safety googles air tanks), and may offer refills for air tanks. Usually there will be one within a paintball field or pretty close to one, and some may may be miles away from the nearest field.

Do paintball 20oz co2 tanks come filled?

No, they must be filled (and not with air). The only exception is the silver 12 gram cartridges for pistols and stock class guns.

What are air tanks?

Air tanks come from russian bollets made from solfer umonier

Where can you refill nitro or high pressured air tanks in Arkansas?

T-Square Paintball, Jacksonville Arkansas

Do paintball pistols need to have c02 air tanks?

They need the small sealed CO2 cartridges, not the screw on tanks. but yes they need Co2 to function.

Can you use CO2 with a compressed air paintball gun?

You can use co2 tanks if they are the anti-syphon tanks or if you put that on your tank put even then they are not recommended.

Are all paintball hoppers and air tanks universal?

Every .68 caliber hopper has a standard size feed neck. All tanks have the same threads.

How much is a gas container for paintball usually?

Cheap co2 tanks are about $20. Carbon air tanks go all the way up to $125 or so

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